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  1. we smoked u right before that, thats why u had 15 in game. ran multi again but yh guess what lmfao stop it hanu xd
  2. fought 2 clans prior that one in same inv, why did you guys avoid us the whole trip tho? try to remember how u ended your trip btw also stop trying to make your trip of 30 minutes look better by making these broccolied banter topics lmfao, pce.
  3. @ this is how a winning topic looks like LOSER!
  4. nice 30 min trip of crashing and losing actual 1v1s ub lmfao gz op gz
  5. sick losing topic crashing fights when we fought 2 clans with same inv and then claim a win lmfa0 nice ending of your trip btw l0000000000l reply to me if ur trip was really really bad ty
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