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  1. I killed your clan

    CD raging on discord.

    keep crying
  2. I killed your clan

    EnVy Closing Topic

    yeah, envy was ez sh*t ass clan stay closed forever
  3. I killed your clan

    Abdullahs Return - Critical Damage Awakens

  4. I killed your clan

    Abdullahs Return - Critical Damage Awakens

    lets kill op again
  5. I killed your clan

    Envy Rank Meeting Audio #2 ft. CD/EOP/Nightmare

    lmao u must be retardd to be in envy
  6. I killed your clan

    EOP Member - ThatBoyRange

    yes my boy swag, u know what to do show these retarded kids what u got
  7. I killed your clan

    Clans CD has beat without mains

    garbage clan trying to seek attention
  8. I killed your clan

    Elevation declares on BT full out

    very small if they accept
  9. imagine getting hacked and crying on SB over 50m rsgp. lmao grow up kids

    1. Frosty


      imagine caring enough to post about it 3 weeks later 

    2. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      imagine using confusing sb for fb

  10. I killed your clan

    9 Years of CD - It's time to say goodbye

    was fun fighting rage, unlike others clans rage actually gave us real fights
  11. I killed your clan


    lmao how is this"troll" account to u? coz i aint got profile pic? listen kid this is only sb acc i have got, and im not trolling anybody here
  12. I killed your clan


    i dnt think u have any idea about flaming kid. what he trying to tell u is u dnt know the beef they have got, so u not gnna understand use ur brain before u post anything