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  1. That’s fi’s clans strategy, when they are up numbers just log out and claim fake wins fi clan leader brazil said” we got pushed to single, thats our strategy”
  2. Rage got beaten at f2p prep and closed after that, if u didn’t know that go ask ur leader heh 2k20 clanner seeking for attentions
  3. I heard fi already paying a main clan1b for protection this Saturday lmaoooooo
  4. We already gave fi a deadline to post this, but since they don’t really care and saying “cd dead btw” and fi members saying “cd is s**t do sumthing” on their discord, so we decided to do a sign up calling all abdullahs to come this weekend. After we hit 70 yes for this Saturday, jamz realized things gonna get worst for fi, so he posted this topic, but it’s too late 150+ abdullahs coming for fi this Saturday
  5. All i know is Abdullahs coming for fi this Saturday
  6. lmao, in the end fi had 3 in their cape counter at ca, and 2 of them are lvl 35 scout Loooooooooooooooooooool
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