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  1. i seen that misfits got bullied but OP is lying about d claws pk from misfits , the account escapelchapo is a main . . . .with 92 def NICE PROPGANDA I R8 8/8 M8
  2. Misfits. . . what a bunch of amateurs . . .
  3. @@B-ryan , make sure zee's boi that works @ jagex doesnt find out that zee kev scams his own members LOL honest question please give an honest answer, ETA : Misfits closing ?
  4. What is your real life name? SharkDude What are your hobbies? Closing Clans What is your RuneScape history? Everything honestly, i been around since you kids were on TTI What are your goals for your RuneScape account? To close clans What clan are you in? Apex Anything else: Naw...
  5. except i would move ub/foe to top and eop to second , other wise pretty accurate to my bias
  6. EoP vs Ub - UB Ub vs CD - UB Foe vs Ub UB PX vs Misfits - UB Fi vs Misfits - UB Sup vs IR - UB OB vs BV - UB
  7. EoP #2 p2p clan & Misfits don't look that well, honestly think they're on the verge of closing. i mean look @ this gyazo from the misfits vs phoenix pov. white dots being misfits . . . whoever was calling today was not on their A-Game . Get your brown sticky stuff together Misfits. ,
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