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  1. Ty for action was fun but it was never 25v25 or 20v20 vs us, you guys were +4 or +5 every time. No need to lie fam good vibes only
  2. Team Blitz is the newest snipe team on the block We have only been open for 2 months, and we are already one of the most infamous teams in the wild. We are the Golden State Warriors of the snipe scene. In our short existence, we have closed F2P hybrids and recently dropped a video of their demise, and they have not been seen in the wild since. We have placed Fudog in retirement and is no long a part of the runescape F2p scene. I apologize sincerely if we hurt you internally and get well soon. Although he quit, he is still finding ways to annoy others on sharkbrew. If you're gonna quit just quit man give it up. Kuvi, a loyal member of FH is now pking with randoms in the wild such as cazador and viet cc, I apologize to him as well for taking his fun away. Kuvi has never won against Team Blitz and he has internal and everlasting hate for us and will never forgive us, as he deleted me off his friends list. Just like fudog, warbow has been extremely obsessed with Team Blitz, constantly craving attention and talking about us when none of us know who he is. I heard he is just another outburst member or something. He knows a nigga handsome and wealthy but wont admit. Also, for those who are not informed, myself and X7 opened litmob 2 years ago and I quit due to getting pussy, leaving it in Brox's hands in which he does not have to worry about getting pussy, he is now the leader of outburst lmfao. We are a threat to this so called "#1 XLPC" aka the only XLPC alive as they are constantly avoiding us in minis, asking for a 70 cb cap when we are 62s. This is due to the fact that we birthed brox and he knows what we are capable of. Thank you for your time, - Pinoyz Long live Blitz.
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