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  1. Outrage on top

  2. What makes this more sweet is that my members don't even care about you, you're considered a joke to all of them. You've already hit us up 40, you've already hit us with mains, you've already doxed us, you've already ddosed us and guess what? My clan is still here progressing faster than any other pure clan who have opened their doors on this game. You've given a new clan something that's never been given before, we've nothing to lose, you have everything to, you're a 15 year old legacy clan who seem to keep open in attempts to surpassing the legacy MM left behind, that is something you will NEVER EVER accomplish, they cemented it, and if they wanted to open next week, your clan would die in .5. The sheer fact a clan that opened 3 months ago have you all this rattled, have you all this shook, have you all so heated just goes to show how high of a bar we have set as you consider us your rivals. Good luck trying to close a clan who aren't even fueled to kill you but are showcasing this without anycare whatsoever:
  3. Lmfao where were your pures FO? I thought we were in a crashwar? Is 5 tanks really all you got? Hahahaha. Thanks for the action Rage
  4. literally, great fucking guy to have in a clan lmao, just sucks he's fighting for the wrong side
  5. Hahaha, we've set the bar so fucking high that you actually consider us a legacy clan. I actually take that as a compliment, because if this is us now, 3 months in, you better pray to whatever god you believe in that we stop progressing as you are finding it this hard to keep up with 15 EoP, 19 IR and 9 Fi members out of a 85 man memberlist.
  6. Crash you? HAHAHAHAHAHHAA https://outrage-rs.org/community/index.php?/topic/1811-/ You literally rushed us as we were about to take on Supremacy and got your asses fucking handed to
  7. Ah yes, keep avoiding reasonable points as you know this is an argument you cannot win.
  8. The best clan shouldn't be running away from a clan they shit talked who opened with 40 man pulls that now pull the same The best clan shouldn't be afraid to prep The best clan shouldn't have their leader stating they don't care about us anymore nor that they'd like to fight us in a cancer fest at GDZ which they brought upon themselves The best clan shouldn't have to hide behind proapganda to brainwash weak minded members to keep them from the harsh reality their clan faces The best clan shouldn't have their leadership doing this in order to pull high again to weekends after cancelling their Sunday (https://i.gyazo.com/25605468431e1fb645d18a053770caeb.png)
  9. Outrage is a clan to have never set foot on OSRS. How on earth do you expect us to combat a clan down 40 when we're NEW compared to a clan who have been open for 15 YEARS in the start? We opened with the idea of being neutral with every single clan, that included FO. Then for some reason our opening trips FO decide to crash our fights with 80 to our 40 in order to deprive us of action. Rage being the nice guys they are, exposed the fact that FO looked to AC everyone elses fight except ours because they viewed us as a threat as the moment we would start pulling the same as them, they would be in deep trouble. The following week, they continued to shit talk for no reason whatsoever, they kept on trying to fuel something, trying to force something that simply wasn't there and it then got to a point where we wouldn't allow it to continue. So now that our pulls have been the same for the past few weeks, we have handed them multiple beatdowns, the situation was so dire in their clan that they legitimately forced people who helped build what they had to leave them and make their own. Since matching their pull: Now that the playing field opt wise is level, they avoid us? Lmfao, fucking pathetic clan.
  10. m8 we spread out 3 times for u to rush us as well as hit u everytime where u tele and u never show up, stop avoiding us
  11. When are you guys going to start prepping btw? It's a joke at this point.
  12. Hopefully you have the same as us again next weekend and actually grow the balls to fight. Pretty depressing when you just teleport out everytime we rush you, you don't even bother trying to hit us when we spread out for you at multiple locations calling your name out. You sure that you're actually in this 'rivalry' you forced with us?
  13. Thank you for giving us another perspective to add to our aftermath topic, you are far too kind @lnfamous Jet.
  14. that's going to be a yikes from me dawg
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