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  1. should take over the mini war scene with ease tbh
  2. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, 23rd November, 2019; Outrage massed up for our weekly F2P Trip, peaking at around 32 members. Today's trip consisted of a couple of tussles with Fatality, a very easy brawl with Apex in singles and to top it all off a 10 min capped fight with Resistance in clan wars. @Oivc @Eztocrypt To start off the day we approached Fatality for a fight as we had even opts. Rushing in from east bandits we scimmed there backlines. Apex and Fo decided to crash so both clans ran into singles. Gf Fi. The second fight of the day was once again vs Fatality at 13 ports dropping a few kids, Apex decides to crash from the east and a few seconds later Fo joins in so we dipped out. Thx for the fight again Fi The 3rd fight of the day we set up vs Resistance at 13 ports we were up a few opts as we started, but fatality decided to join in the fight. We tried to make a 3 way cluster pulling north. Although RS decided to dip it to single so we held our ground vs Fatality for a while before Apex crashed we ran north to single. Thx for the tussles. Our 4th fight of the day was a bit cringe and curious as to what the point of this was, but strolling through the wilderness some cringe green clan decided to hit us with a bunch of tanks in singles l0l. We retaliated putting them down to matched starting down 12. A while went by and they decided to go into multi after starting a singles fight lol? Ub Ape clan unfortunately logged on top of them and apex then ran away like little rodents on my shoe.. not being able to compete with someone there opts. So we ran south and got a fight vs RS to end the day. Thx for the pointless tussle apex To end the day we set up a 10 minute capped fight vs Resistance and took the win 95-52. Thanks for the fight lads.
  3. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Sunday, 18th November, 2019; Outrage massed up, peaking at around 40 for our weekly P2P Trip. Although the early-mid wasn't the greatest due to fights being consistently crashed, we managed to get a 1v1 with Fi that got ignored as well as a neat cluster with both Resistance and Unbreakable towards the end that lasted for about 15 minutes. Thanks all for the action, see you next week :). Logged into a fight south of dwarves, Fatality joined in just a few seconds before we logged in, fought them down a few opts and owned. Got into a cluster with apex/rs/sup/ub at CA, put in work until rage cleared the world. Set up a fight against Resistance at east bandits, they defended by the lava line, as we rushed them, UB logged in on top of them and both formed massive clumps for us to focus down forcing regroups from both clans, the battle shifted from the tele spot to east and west multiple times, eventually we were the only clan left standing with no regroups. Gf all.
  4. outrage tatted on my dick

  5. lacson stop bringing the eop culture to apex, not a good look man
  6. for why apex bring mains and for why apex beg fo to team grats on ur wins
  7. outrage on my chest

  8. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Thursday, 14th November, 2019; Outrage massed up 26 dragons for our f2p fight versus Unbreakable, although we were down 4 in our first round, we managed to gain a 15 kill lead that we blew due to a silent ts3 as both of our callers started to die reapeatedly, we still managed to win it by a kill. The next round we were much more organised and won it by a staggering 63 kills. Thank you for the fight UB, better luck next time. @^Jare @ ~Cranked @Oivc @^Lee @Andrew @White Page Round 1 Outrage Opts: 26 - Unbreakable Opts: 30 Outrage Kills: 75 - Unbreakable Kills: 74 Round initially started 27v29, but we dropped a guy a couple minutes in whereas UB gained a guy. Lost a 15 kill lead due to our callers dying at the same time repeatedly, still managed to pull through and win down 4. Round 2 Outrage Opts: 28 - Unbreakable Opts: 27 Outrage Kills: 100 - Unbreakable Kills: 37
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