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  1. Currently taking OB capes from the ground, have around 40 this trip lmfa0000000000

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      currently doing your mother. 

      3 hours ago, Dont panic lol said:

      we annhiliated your opening trip lmfao, also nice mophead lmfa00000000000000000000000 why do u look like that l00000000000000l

      reply if mad btw


    3. Dont panic lol

      Dont panic lol

      Killed pkeru more than 4 times today, l000000000000000000l. look how mad u are

    4. Stewbert


      You have some irl problems that you’re putting off? Seems like it

  2. O7uf8i7.png

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    2. Dont panic lol

      Dont panic lol

      triggering ob kids 101, also just got ur ts audio will be up soon.

    3. Mithril


      Nobody fucking cares l0l0 

      Reply if mad

  3. @Jamz Even though i hate this somalian dog, i have to agree with him that EOP had A LOT of gloryhunters, like dutch dog Shoan. @kanker @Wiggerslayer is Parm on alt account, ugly fom dog Paul rejected your app lmfao.
  4. Reminder @Repa perfected Envy 

  5. Lmfao, it was out first f2p prep u loser while we took 1 round of a 13 year old legacy clan u were kicking people cuz of spy paranoia. U better off my man @Meet Them With Scims or u will get the hands reply if mad btw
  6. @holydreams TBR killing ur clan lmfao
  7. jamz is a dumb somalian dog that hits little childeren for pizza lmfaoooooooooooooo wuu2 @Jamz
  8. Sv dead lmfao wasn''t hard btw
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