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  1. "feels good being undefeated in p2p for the last 400 days don't @ me" - Lil Nerdy

  2. perfected 3x 🤣 nice outrage
  3. Cleezy

    Rage vs Outrage 2-0 | 10V10 P2P

    nice guys
  4. looked fun gz outrage
  5. To think IR beat fo in 1 fucking prep and tried to start claiming #1 l0000000000000000000000l Gz foe looked easy as fuck.
  6. Cleezy

    Rage vs Intense Redemption 2-0 | FT. Perfection

    looked ez 4 Rage IR: "we have the strongest 10 man lineup" l00000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  7. Cleezy

    Why IR is dodging apex preps?

    I don't blame them for hiding l0l
  8. Cleezy

    cwa Supremacy vs Legacy | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Supremacy had to hit LY with the 6-0 🤣 can't say I'm surprised.
  9. Cleezy


    Good luck finding a prep boys nice to see another competitor!
  10. Cleezy

    midweek Tuesday: Squeaky Clean F2P Pkri vs Fearless

    this dumb rat got bullied out of fo and banned from SB l0000000000000000l.
  11. Cleezy

    midweek Tuesday: Squeaky Clean F2P Pkri vs Fearless

    gz on action men
  12. damn this looks like some good competition! should be super close but if I was a betting man I'd guess Supremacy.
  13. Cleezy

    friendly Who's the best clan at P2p???????

    fudog of course
  14. you got me with the title man gz rage 😂