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  1. God damn Supremacy has lost 5 preps and only had 1 measly win since November 1st. Oh yeah you can't bring mains to clan wars that explains it l000l.
  2. Remember that gay ass F2P belt graphic Sup had made l00000000l where's it at now?
  3. It's a shame Vendetta closed after shitting on Sup like that.
  4. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    @Mustafa Thanks for proving my point you just spout shit out of your mouth when you know it's lies. Link me 3 prep wins since November 1st. Oh wait lmfao we know you can't you're 1 win / 5 losses since November 1st. Stay easy beta fuck.
  5. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    I know for a fact we haven't lost a prep since October but we all know you're full of shit. If you wanna claim winning "way more than 5 preps this month" then surely you could link 3 prep wins you've had since November 1st, unless you're a bullshitter (which we all know you are l000l). I'll be waiting.
  6. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    Oh it's not true? Well we all know you multi-log mains that's kinda obvious... Your shit clan's quality is actually the worst in LPC, you guys are 1-5 (preps) in the last month and a half for a reason... Even FI and Vendetta wipe their ass with Sup.
  7. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    We all know Sup is 1-5 in matched opts preps the past 6 weeks, and it's because your sandcrabber clan is dogshit without your multilogged mains. Lmfao even Vendetta perfected you rats in a prep.
  8. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    Lmfao funny you should pipe up considering you sandcrabbers are 1-5 in clan wars the last 6 weeks. Stick to multilogging mains little guy.
  9. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    Hey genius could you link me an aftermath thats the entire length of the clan's trip? I'll be waiting.
  10. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    If you keep sucking he might pay you to slave instead of letting you do it for free.
  11. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    Can't be mad about an hour and a half of wilderness action and beating IR FT100 down 10 afterwords. Your jokes are almost as shitty as your website and hosting services.
  12. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    So you're making a joke about Fo, IR, FI, and EoP as well? These are all clans that have done clan wars events during weekend trips this/last week. We had an hour and a half of wilderness action today and yesterday before another solid 30 minutes worth of action in clan wars. If you did your research before barking you might not look like such a fucking idiot.
  13. RNG

    Is God a sexual predator?

    Moni quoted me first, I guess I must have struck a nerve. Anyways maybe one day that neanderthal will learn not to bite the bait.