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  1. On our opening trip, AP pulled 30 Shooters, later peaking at 33. We tried to get the most action we could, creating clusters and smoking clans. I'll keep it simple. peek the vid. ty 4 the action cya tomorrow boys. vid:
  2. Apocalypse

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | P2P Prep [2-1] 30v30

    Fi is shit lol
  3. Apocalypse

    PVP Return fight Vs Imt

    what do you expect. eop reduce to xlpc lmfao gf foe
  4. Apocalypse

    cwa Immortal vs Apocalypse F2P Prep [ 3 - 0 ]

    Really ? Wheres your wins? You scared to prep us lmfaoo
  5. Still waiting on @bt black son @C h r i s @PICwarrior381to set up a prep with one of my ranks. You denied it twice. What are you scared of?

  6. Apocalypse

    friendly What it takes to be #1

    you got cleared in singles lmfaoooooooooo doggy doggy shit
  7. Apocalypse

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    They wanted this
  8. Apocalypse

    pure/weekend/verified AP First Official Sunday FT 2v1s

    I closed his clan. Hes mad
  9. Imagine telling atl to come on your capes. Lmfaooo bt so trash. Prep me pussies.

  10. Apocalypse

    pure/weekend/verified AP First Official Sunday FT 2v1s

    Nice alt pussy ass hoe. Hide hide hide your my dog