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  1. Lmao imagine a clan being scared of prepping. You're shit bt

  2. Apocalypse

    gl imt

    1 tank out of trying to get 10+ to rag a clan. Stay in your alt scary boy. You ain't shit lmfao
  3. Still waiting for bt to accept prep vs Apocalypse. Stop being scared lmao

  4. Apocalypse

    gl imt

    Lmao this Asian guy trying to be relevant. Please stop. Dont make xlpc cancer.
  5. Apocalypse

    pure/midweek/verified [TUESDAY] NRG VS XLPC SCENE. IMT LOC?

    Bt is shit and dead. Prep us pussy
  6. on this fine Tuesday afternoon, Little birdy told us that Bigtarts were going out with 20 so we also massed up a quick 20 to do a quick drive-by on those tarts. Right after that, when seeing we massed up they ended. RIP Had x2 clean 1v1 vs NRG and the rest were Randoms. After bt ending after one hit (lmfao) we also ended. ty 4 the action Ezto: @pkeru:
  7. Breaking bt was easy. asking CD for help isn't going to help you next weekend lmfao you aren't even open and already bullied to mains. stay easy. c765ae92f69d0adddce9ba5506ab4369.png

    1. WarChild
    2. NiggV


      this has nothing to do with anything lmfao. bt and cd have no relationship and that was just banter L0L. bro just cuz ur losing this rivlary dont mean u gotta start crying like this now!

    3. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Lol dude CD and BT have been beefing before you know what pure Channing was.Keep my clans name out of your shirt little status update lmfao if we were to help a clan trust me you’d know lol...

  8. another week of BT freaks denying a prep.. yawn

    1. Dzeko


      another week of smoking ap... 2 clans and still can't beat us.. you're shit buddy

  9. "no need for lumps of propaganda text for brown kids to feel better about having a shitty life." LMFAO YOU REFRENCE TO BT RIGHT NOW
  10. On our Opener Sunday, AP pulled 32 killers later peaking at 34 to smoke retards bt. After denying x2 pkris request, (screenies uploading soon) we decided to show these pussies bt weirdos who's boss. was a easy clear. Plug the leak homos. The rest of the day consist of Clusters and A 1v1 vs BT but they ran to singles the minute nrg hit to make a cluster. lmfao pussies. OH and them crashing a fight we were low opts in from a cluster. yikes. Peek the vid for the proof. We'll see you next weekend. don't you dare show your face in the wildy, we'll be there waiting bt @pkeru: @teoa: Interesting in joining? Drop a intro at ap-rs.com
  11. Apocalypse

    EOP back up?

    Foe closed eop. The end
  12. Want to make 6m per trip leaking your clans loc? PM to make extra cash

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    2. byronbanks


      6 dollars a week god bless. 

    3. Propaganda Spreader

      Propaganda Spreader

      Why did your leader take the fall in on a tank? You really don't want me to start handing out tanks to all my members

    4. Dzeko


      and you still suck