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  1. On this fine Thursday afternoon, TP HQ and IMT HQ set up a 20+v20+ pkri. Even tho their members are 55-62+ combat and us being -51s and climbing we still gladly accepted. Had a few tussles them clearing us and us pushing them to singles, was fun action except the flame 😕 chill ex-cp no need for the negativity. Also cleared xl and blue capes trying to snipe. gf to all except wheelchair users xl. Hope to set up more fights/preps in the future when we hit 55+s IMT.
  2. The Plague

    midweek Defiance Wednesday Smoking Wheelchair users

    Lol nice action
  3. The Plague

    pkri Resurgence's Wednesday Evening Ownage

    niceeeeeeeeeee action
  4. The Plague

    WHAAT? My name is....

    I would say foe-rs.com but we pull 100s on weekends and you seem the type to get the smoke and not give it out
  5. The Plague

    midweek The Plague smoking green capes x3

    Hahaha i borrow it for this topic that's all
  6. The Plague

    midweek The Plague smoking green capes x3

    Pull more than eop on a Monday yikers eop ded
  7. The Plague

    midweek The Plague smoking green capes x3

    ?????? Why you so salty
  8. Seeing how dead wildy was and no xlpcs wanting to come out and play We still easily massed a quick 35 shooters to hit Wheel-chair users XL. Clear them x3 and broke them to 15 man from 40. Nice 60s and 70s reres lmfao still got the smoke down 15 Join the future incoming 1# xlpc clan in the scene at TS: Plague.ts3chat.com
  9. The Plague

    HYDRA vs Intolerance [PREP] 2-1

    Your vids need work. But nice action overall
  10. Tp coming out with 40 man strong 9pm est. Come out xlpcs and let's tussle.