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  1. KamigoyeX

    midweek Veng Decimates Davea

    Imagine gloating that a bunch of meds cleared a pure clan once, shame you didn't include the 2 clears we got on you but I guess we'll show that in our video PS ty for Elder Maul off another one of the BV guys.
  2. KamigoyeX

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    Imagine making up lies and editing all your posts even though I quoted them so the original is there 😂
  3. KamigoyeX

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    You forget to mention he is still using GarysHood to auto click LOL
  4. KamigoyeX

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    That's what I thought...
  5. KamigoyeX

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    You only posted half the chat, post the whole thing where I declined further on.
  6. KamigoyeX

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    That was a jumble of words and letters, but I guess you can't see through the tears cos I made you cry? FACT TIME AGAIN EVERYONE: I never asked you to join Daeva, I asked when DT were dying if you wanted to merge and you said "Yes but I want Leader" I said no, and the merge never happened. YOU then came back to us asking for a merge, same conditions, yet again, I declined, no merge. Daeva has never done anything to Onslaught, we don't care about you, I don't care about your clan, I care about you harassing me and my members (Also CyberBullying). Be a man and take responsibility for your actions.
  7. KamigoyeX

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    Firstly, know the definition of Doxing: I didn't go searching for your profile, you commented on a YouTube video with a PUBLIC YouTube which has your Facebook linked on it, it was there for the world to see. I also didn't public it on Sharkbrew, Discord or anywhere apart from our messages. - Fault #1 Goes to you. Secondly, after months of harassment and bullying I finally snapped at you and you got what you deserve. Don't blame the NTPC community for one persons fault, unlike you, I'll take responsibility for my actions and have let NTPC deal with this however they see fit. You always have been and always will be a bully, I pity you.
  8. KamigoyeX

    Let's settle this once and for all (POLL)

    Ace can't tank - Dropped by Daeva Enough said.
  9. KamigoyeX

    lpc Daeva [65+]

    Cheers bruh
  10. KamigoyeX

    Dynasty | New LPC | Welcome to our kingdom

    Good luck, look forward to seeing you out there!
  11. KamigoyeX

    lpc Daeva [65+]

    @IamjohnCUsed to run a pure clan back in 06-08, was also Council in a clan a few months ago
  12. KamigoyeX

    Hydra is ruining my game play -.-

    @[email protected] TYLERLegit thought your clan was ruining this guys game-play >.>
  13. KamigoyeX

    [DISCORD] Should we keep BBQ weekend?

    It provides minimal entertainment at best so either or tbh
  14. KamigoyeX

    lpc Hydra - #1 Pure Clan

    Keep up the good work ❤️