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  1. Dysphoria

    pkri Resurgence EST Sweep Ft. DL

  2. nice 15m in my pocket
  3. Veng trying to convince everyone that they’re a good clan is the equivalent of trying to convince Gordon Ramsay a McDouble is gourmet food.
  4. Dysphoria

    pkri Resurgence Smacking Singles Queens Ft. Vanguard

    Veng is a dollar menu clan
  5. your members are paying money to get bullied every month congrats veng
  6. Dysphoria

    midweek Vengeance GMT Shows Superiority

    Wont fight us because we apparently will bring mains? wont fight us in cwa where there would be no possibility of bringing mains? still claims to be the superior clan??????????????????????????? how brain dead are y'all
  7. Dysphoria

    weekend Resurgence's Busy Sunday Ft. Veng Skipping Class

    Waiting for veng to come crying and say “ omg propaganda clan we are #1 in the scene, we have a community “ also fuck siege
  8. Dysphoria

    Exposing Vengeance: Part I

    Veng pked on their Minecraft server today big 30 man pull
  9. After all this proof siege will stand by that fact that they are “#1” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. The reason we haven’t seen veng is because they’ve been busy on their Minecraft server
  11. Imagine having a leader that trashed your clan and now is defending your shit quality members wow
  12. Dysphoria

    Raping Veng in seconds ft Free AGS

    Now I’m waiting for siege to make an excuse on why their clan isn’t shit when in fact it is SHIT
  13. You guys get 2 bracelets and claim 800m+ sit down chungus.