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  1. sundays zenith, clanwars apex, saturdays who cares? midweeks none
  2. clan of the month is dumb, make it seasonal. Also only 2 clans in xlpc, rest are snipe teams
  3. Hey friends, I am starting a professional recruiting business. Is you clan slumping or finding it hard to pull numbers and have very little community/clan activity? Look no more! All recruits, will be hand recruited in game 1on1 chats, recruits that join CC will be ScreenShotted and count as a Recruit. Pures: 10 CC Recruits 70cb+ = 8mil 10 CC Recruits 80cb+ = 15mil Package Deal: 1Week= 150 CC Recruits 70cb+ = 120mil Package Deal2: 1day = 30 CC Recruits 70cb+ = 30m . Feel free to message me on forums/discord. If these services are not allowed on sharkbrew, Please remove topic!
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