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  1. NiK0

    Legacy so innocent right?

    Only in runescape lmfao.. Btw, pkeru adopted a disabled kid from venezuela
  2. NiK0

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Rage F2P Prep 2-1

    Foe #1, thanks for prep, was fun action!
  3. NiK0

    Victim World ~ ty moi 4 donate

    nice mony, gl
  4. Ir, stop claiming #1 since u are shit.
  5. NiK0

    Northern vs Ir Mini 2-0 sets

    Ty for mini
  6. NiK0

    Northern monday mini sesh

    Grat Winland
  7. NiK0


    Lmfao, are u stupid or retard listening some bp rev pker over Northern leader? Prep us anyday and get perfected, just dont cancel after scheduled start time! U wasted our time for 1-2hours and u will pay it back and be sure that our time aint cheap
  8. NiK0


    Shitters cancelled pkri 20mins after it should have started, fucking retards Go back to revs
  9. NiK0

    Foe vs Ir | P2P 20v20| 2-0 in sets

    Grats Elites
  10. NiK0

    Northern Vs Knockout P2P Miniwar 2-1

    Poggers winland
  11. NiK0

    weekend #1 P2P SUNDAY: 100 ELITES KILL Fatality

    Trash clans trying imbossible lool Foe and Northern on top of shit clans