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  1. Jamz its time to take break from internet again forum warrior
  2. Did we have rivalvy? Was fastest and easiest ever Ez for Foe once again
  3. Get help freak, u chose wrong path and will die like other shit clans. U got more leaks in ur clan than active members l000l
  4. Nice fight hope to have more in future 1def no problem
  5. Only in runescape lmfao.. Btw, pkeru adopted a disabled kid from venezuela
  6. Foe #1, thanks for prep, was fun action!
  7. Lmfao, are u stupid or retard listening some bp rev pker over Northern leader? Prep us anyday and get perfected, just dont cancel after scheduled start time! U wasted our time for 1-2hours and u will pay it back and be sure that our time aint cheap
  8. Shitters cancelled pkri 20mins after it should have started, fucking retards Go back to revs
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