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  1. looks like you guys got tossed even with the med levels in your capes...always very confused looking at these delusional rage topics.
  2. You guys really love gassing yourselves up on shark brew lol, gj though
  3. Nice wasn’t rage the clan that posted a 2 min video of them retreating to entrance and claiming victory that day? Some people are incredibly delusional when it comes to losing in a computer game with dragons and wizards in it who cares lol take the L
  4. what's this a video of? looks like an organized clan in team capes versus one that just runs to entrance before cutting it off? what did I just watch lol.
  5. Looks pretty easy for Legacy those were some quick clears GJ. Also that may be some of the cringest TS ive ever heard lol
  6. Squeeze


    1. Current RuneScape Display Name/Past Display Name(s) Savage Med 2. Tell Us About Yourself. Im a savage 3. How Did You Hear About SharkBrew? from clanning 4. What PvP Communities Are You Part Of? (xlpc, lpc, zerk, main, etc? List all that apply)Med Level 5. Clan History. TLP from 2005-2007ish, Got defence and joined Valhalla as a rune pure from 2008-2011. Started playing again 8 months ago. 6. Additional Comments. Looking for a revenant pk clan for the most part
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