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  1. Please make 50m check out to “Apex gaming community”
  2. To Win COTM, there's a 6 Prep Minimum (For LPC's) lol eop u were a third of the way there last month.

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    2. 0ldschooler


      EOP also won it easily while UB had to cheat and barely won

    3. Ryannn


      lol @Pirate6920 did u really think of something else to type after already responding. Just to respond again?

  3. in case any of you forgot rage died

  4. l0l do u ever get off the computer holy fk. Its 5 am est and you respond within 30 seconds. Get a freaking life u weirdo
  5. lol px had 4 preps vs country teams that dont have forums or pk trtips but ub pay mf to throw prep haha
  6. if eop didnt feed a win to px then this wouldnt even be a discussion. Ub will prep px 40v40 both servers and give them a +2 to determine winner of COTM. Get your bets in
  7. lmao this pirate guy is on sharkbrew 24/7... someone help this guy figure life out
  8. I don't hate anyone over a game. But some people I highly dislike due to their personalities not the clan they are in.
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