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  1. After our earlier trip, We were still hungry. We massed up 20 Resistance Wolves and headed out into our wilderness. We murdered a couple small teams/clans. Had fights against Damage Control & Mains, Apex, Legacy.
  2. We had some men running the caves, We decided to mass up and peaked at 25 Red Warriors. We killed everything and managed to gather a couple smites. Thanks to everyone who came through. Congratulations @Say I Own on AGS Smite on Mobile. 
  3. Thanks for the fight Zenith, shame Rage had to crash. BLNT to both!
  4. Forums | Discord We Pked numerous times today, Had morning trips and late trips. We assembled 15 Red Warriors and completely dominated anywhere we went. Lavas,Venny,Revs. We made bank. 
  5. We were approached earlier in the day by Zenith asking for a PKRI, We gladly accepted and when time came around we massed up 32 Red Warriors. We rushed Zenith who was defending north of Varrock level 5, Within seconds we pulled east and started transitioning through their pile. After some time Rage came to crash and started hitting both clans, We pulled east and started focusing through both clans. We cleared numerous clans, Time after Time, Rushing their regroups which were spread throughout the map. The fight eventually moved north to CA and this is where we took full control. We held our ground the entire time and ended up clearing both clans several more times. Both clans would regroup while we cleared up the other clan. We eventually got Zenith isolated by themselves west of sperm. We clashed for some time until our amazing returns and quality cleared Zenith completely off the map. We teleported down to edge and thanked Zenith for the fight.
  6. Forums | Discord Today The Wolves set out on a hunt with 40 Wolves, peaking at 43 Red Wolves and maintaining 39 all trip, we demoralized OG and got a clean fight in with Supremacy. Well done today and thanks for the action! For our first fight of the day, The Wolf Pack set out hunting Gorillas, but instead we found chimps. Onslaught put up little fight in our first encounter of the day at the Boneyard. We rushed the fight with 32 Wolves to Onslaughts 30 and quickly wiped them out of the Wilderness. To say it was easy is a MASSIVE understatement. For our second fight, we wanted to hit Onslaught again. Since they've been piping up and begging for a rivalry, we sought them out. So we teleported into Carallangar and chased them from graves to ghost hut, since we'd been gaining all trip. We hit them with 38, chasing them around the wilderness and clearing all 32 chimps before getting out teleport out. Our Third conquest of the day was again against the chimps at OG HQ, they were cowering in fear in Singles thinking they were safe. But little did they know, the Wolf Pack was hunting, and prey we found. We logged in east of bandits in singles where our hungry wolves each found a target and killed with fierce aggression. This fight lasted all of 45 seconds before OG realized they didn't have anyone left on the map. We found them in the bank attempting to claim a win on the maybe 3 people they killed in the entire fight. Since we were up 10 on them already, OG decided this was where they would concede defeat and end. After ending OG, we decided to setup a fight with a real clan. We reached out to Supremacy to fight, where our first attempt to fight them at West Bandits failed due to the world (world 2) being full and nobody being able to get in (lol). We regrouped, laughed and re-setup with Sup. They defended CA with 46, while we rushed from SE graves with 38. Putting up a fight we ultimately took our loss and teleported out to lick our wounds. Good fight Sup! Videos
  7. Forums | Discord After a deep wilderness PK trip. I hopped on to find 10 Still Pking, We quickly sounded the alarm and massed up 25 Resistance Members to go kill whatever we could find. We ran into Hydra and cleared them x3 and had a couple fights against them. Ran into Legacy and killed them x2. Ran into Damage Control and Irrelevent Outcasts macing? KIlled them. Thanks to everyone who came.  Congratulations @Elve on Armadyl Godsword PK Edited just now by Elve
  8. Forums | Discord We had a couple gentlemen relaxing on Discord so we decided to head out on a trip. We started at revs with 15 Red Hatted Warriors. We cleared up Revs and then went around deep wilderness and made bank loot! Thanks to everyone who came through.
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