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Found 39 results

  1. I’m undecided i need some love try convincing me. 99 str rng mage/ 52 prayer / 3 def
  2. Preferably something new/upcoming/ -
  3. Hello guys, I'm looking for a nice clan/community to hangout with. About me: I am "Wannabe Slav" and I'm a 24 year old software developer from the Netherlands. I'm looking for a place where I have the opportunity to train my account and doesn't require me to be available every night. I recently started playing again and want to commit myself to clanning.
  4. I currently have this 1 def pure in the making , need a friendly community to chill in . I have discord, i can get teamspeak.
  5. Hi fellow pures, I'm looking for a pure clan that does PvM, PvP and other fun stuff (skilling??) Things about me: I'm hitting close to a month in p2p pking so i'm kinda new... I've Rev pked a bit so i have a bit of experience in that, but other than that I have no experience whatsoever in other pure content. I've been in a few clans but their available times weren't suitable for me since i'm Australian ==" My stats are: 60 atk, 73 strength, 88range, 85 mage, 66 hp, 32 pray, and 1 def Thank you for looking
  6. 62 cb, (almost 91) strength, 40 attack and 1 defense. Hit me up in game: xLegendRyanx
  7. Att- 51(training to 60) str-70 hp-74 range-80 mage-82 prayer-43 couple days will have dt done as well. Im pretty chill ok hard af lol
  8. Looking for a EU based (GMT+0/1/2) pure clan for pvp. Very active, fully quests etc, past history in competitive gaming: Top 12 EU Overwatch team - Pale Golden Rod (back in 2016-7) Multiple LAN wins for both Overwatch and Dota 2 Current stats:
  9. I'm in a rut. Was going to stop 68 cb but I wont be able to squeeze the goodies in. Thinking 72cmb. Let me know what you think of my NH pure
  10. Hey, I am looking for a clan that is often doing PVM activity (atleast 4 times a week) with pures, not just PVP events. And CLAN/GROUP/CC should be GMT friendly My Stats: My bank is arround: 400M In game name: 2 Good 2 U 2 Comment/PM on Sharkbrew/PM in game
  11. What clan should I train up and hangout with? My stats are low. Short intro: My name is Lime n Lemon, I am from the Netherlands. I am 22 years old. I am looking for a clan that doesn't require me to be there every weekend.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking to join a pure clan that is active est. I am looking for a clan that uses discord and does p2p, mainly revs pking (I'm not interested in f2p). Here is my clanning history: December 2016 to February 2018 Veteran member of Elite Zerks, was a member since the beginning of the clan and it was the first clan I joined in oldschool. Was a very active member until its closure. February 2018 to April 2018 Console in Empire, after EZ closed several of the members in an attempt to keep the community together, formed this short lived but highly skilled clan. I remained here until its closure. April 2018 to August 2018 Advanced member of Turmoil, met a lot of new people in this clan and we pulled some impressive numbers, was an active member until it closed when the leadership decided to go main. May 2018 to June 2018 Member of Intense Redemption, while I was an active member in Turmoil I joined IR on my pure in an attempt to go back to my pre-eoc roots. I was removed from the clan due to inactivity. August 2018 to Current Elite member of Vengeance, after Turmoil closed several of the remaining active core EZ members decided to join veng after their mass exodus to AV. I am currently an active member here and am looking forward to what the future of this great clan holds. Here are my current stats:
  13. I am level 68 combat and have completed desert treasure. I am from the US and wondering what clans are still left out there.
  14. hey guys im looking for a clan to chill and pk with while i train my account up. I know my stats are low but if i can train up with you guys ill be loyal.
  15. Hello, I'm looking for pure clan to pk p2p, sometimes pvm or train together. Stats: https://ibb.co/b7P7PK Training Range atm. Would love find some active people to pk at revs ot other spots. If i can join any CC please leave your Discord.
  16. I'm Justin, I'm looking for a clan to pk with. Lmk what's good. RSN: Lil mayhem
  17. Hey Lads, Looking for a strong P2P clan who has a lot of GMT activity. My clanning experience started in 2007-2008 with the likes of TLP and MM. I am fairly active and mostly looking for good activity through the week. I will be able to make around 4/8 weekend trips. Most important is quality > quantity and also a good mature environment. Hit me up with suggestions! I know EOP/FOE are the only ones still around.
  18. As I make my way back into the pure community, and clan pking... I would like to join a clan immediately and an organized low level clan would be perfect right now.. to help me get back into the flow of things and allow me to remember what it is like to clan-pk and war. I'm a valuable clan member, as I'm smart and very good with strategy. Right now my stats - (RSN- Street Rose) ATTACK- 40 Strength- 69 Range- 67 Magic- 25 Prayer- 31 Obviously I'm gonna be training, and those stats should be 75-75, within the next week or 2.... but for now, are there ANY low level clans that are active with those type of Reqs? Thanks.
  19. what clans are out there for my shitty under construction accs
  20. Looking for a chill and friendly clan!
  21. any clans out there? hit me up
  22. Looking for a clan edit: I was retired in apex, but I've been there for 3 yrs. I'm not familiar with the current clan-scape, but I'm willing to attend sunday trips and any preps I can.
  23. Hello! I'm 21 year old dude looking for a chill pking clan, I have never before been in a clan but was always curious to try it. I'm honestly bad at pking at this moment but I'm practicing and training my stats up. Hope someone would be interested P.s 67cmb and 50 attack since it doesnt show in the picture.