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Found 55 results

  1. My names Jesse, I've been playing rs for like 13 years but haven't played much in the last 2 years and just getting back into it again. I'm currently 73.9 CB, 60 attack 84 Strength 90 Range 94 Magic 1 Def 52 Prayer. I have a few years experience in pure clanning but it's been about 2 years since I've actively played osrs. I'm looking for a pure clan that's very active whether it's pking or anything else. I also have a few lower level pures and a main
  2. Hi all :) stats are: 84 HP 90 str 60 attk 87 range 79 magic (currently training for 82) 43 prayer 1 defends I live in Australia and ideally would like a clan with similar time zone trips, however on weekends I can make anytime. been playing the game on and off since 2005 :3 A friendly clan that doesn’t mind teaching and giving advice ++
  3. any pure clans accept 13 def? im 82 combat 75 att 78 str 13 def 88 range 70 prayer 95 mage
  4. Hello, I am currently looking for a community that basically allows a clan friend or invite to tag along for Weekday events as my weekdays are generally busy. I'd stay loyal and hang out when I can with the group I have three accounts currently, 60 CB 40/80/1/83/1/85 (77 hp) 101 Maxed Pure 99 att/prayer 1 def and a level 90 Zerker quested, 60/93/45/95/52/95 (91 hp)
  5. Hi there, My name is Bruta and im back after a 1 year break. I've gained clanning experience in some good clans like ; Rage/Envy/Invictus. I got a combat level 59 account with 80 Ranged/Strength, 75 Hitpoints and 13 prayer. I hope to see some old friends back and pk together.
  6. I'm 1 def 75 cmb with 1500+ total level looking for a team to pk with. I'm not interested in joining a large clan, because I won't be attending weekly events. More interested in duo/trio pking with a team at revs in 1500 worlds.
  7. My name’s R A R A, & I’ve been out of the loop for about 2 years now. I just recently started playing again & I’m not too sure what clans are active around my level anymore. Im around 104 - 105 cbt I believe. I’m pretty much maxed in everything but I have 25 defense. I wasn’t sure what the average reqs were so I was wondering if there are any hpcs or clans that accept 25 def. I was a part of rage and doom a couple years back during their mpc and hpc days, but lost contact with everyone I used to play with. I enjoy p2p multi pking in the wilderness the most. I love the big wars, bridding, and the little run ins. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi! i'm looking for a clan to chill with that PvMs and PKs Current Stats: CB: 72, ATK: 60, STR: 78, RNG: 85, Mage: 94, Pray: 52
  9. Pure clanned for 8 years I'm looking for a pure clan to join now, im officially going out from retirement
  10. I have all levels, if not I can get one. Thank you.
  11. Hey guys Looking for a clan to pk with. I'm aware most clans are 65 cb+ for wars etc but I'm just looking for mini trips/revs/etcs. I'm a maxed baby pure at 62 cb with 50 atk/71 str/80 range/45 prayer/81 mage/71 hp I have heaps of nh experience and a bit of war/multi experience through rsps (lol) Timezone is 8+ but I'll obviously take any clan that fits the description Thanks
  12. I currently have this 1 def pure in the making , need a friendly community to chill in . I have discord, i can get teamspeak.
  13. I am a 13 def pure looking for a team which mostly pk in singles and sometimes in multi, a team which got big balls to defeat its enemy with higher opps, please do not suggest me clans cuz CBA joining official events, I got 90 plus stats with 1500 totals, if you got my match, please comment below ❤️
  14. Topic Deleted,,posted in the wrong place , it was the alcohols fault!
  15. Hello, My name is Eli. I reside in Birmingham, AL (hints the OSRS IGN: 2O5, my area code). I am a pre-med major at the University of Alabama, and have been playing Runescape since 2002. I have been an avid pker since I started playing the game. I have extensive past clan experience, including Elite Zerks, Victorious, Rising Tide, and CrossFire. I am looking for an active PvP clan to join on my pure. I have high standards for the organizational and leadership qualities of the clans that I join. With that being said, while most clans are looking for a player who meets their clans standards, I am also looking for a clan that meets mine. I have Discord as well as Teamspeak 3, both of which I have downloaded on my 2 computers as well as my mobile phone. I am looking forward to speaking with you all about the possibility of joining your clan. Stats: Combat Level: 82 Attack: 75 Strength: 91 Range: 91 Magic: 99 Defence: 2 Other attributes: Fully quested, mith gloves, fire cape, imbued god capes, halo, excellent bank with optimal organization for PvP
  16. Hello guys, I'm looking for a nice clan/community to hangout with. About me: I am "Wannabe Slav" and I'm a 24 year old software developer from the Netherlands. I'm looking for a place where I have the opportunity to train my account and doesn't require me to be available every night. I recently started playing again and want to commit myself to clanning.
  17. Hey guys, I am currently coming back to osrs, I currently have an account that is pretty decent, though I need to get prayer reqs and such still. I'm 71cb, 40 attack, 99 str, 99 range, 1 pray 1 def. I have no previous clanning experience, however back in the day I PK'ed with friends in groups of around 7-10 or so. Thanks again and have a great day!
  18. I’m undecided i need some love try convincing me. 99 str rng mage/ 52 prayer / 3 def
  19. Hi fellow pures, I'm looking for a pure clan that does PvM, PvP and other fun stuff (skilling??) Things about me: I'm hitting close to a month in p2p pking so i'm kinda new... I've Rev pked a bit so i have a bit of experience in that, but other than that I have no experience whatsoever in other pure content. I've been in a few clans but their available times weren't suitable for me since i'm Australian ==" My stats are: 60 atk, 73 strength, 88range, 85 mage, 66 hp, 32 pray, and 1 def Thank you for looking
  20. 62 cb, (almost 91) strength, 40 attack and 1 defense. Hit me up in game: xLegendRyanx
  21. Att- 51(training to 60) str-70 hp-74 range-80 mage-82 prayer-43 couple days will have dt done as well. Im pretty chill ok hard af lol
  22. Looking for a EU based (GMT+0/1/2) pure clan for pvp. Very active, fully quests etc, past history in competitive gaming: Top 12 EU Overwatch team - Pale Golden Rod (back in 2016-7) Multiple LAN wins for both Overwatch and Dota 2 Current stats:
  23. I'm in a rut. Was going to stop 68 cb but I wont be able to squeeze the goodies in. Thinking 72cmb. Let me know what you think of my NH pure
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