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  1. All of your clans are going to close, or its on a verge of being dead. Stop wasting your time and join Rage losers https://clan-rage.com/community/
  2. Pure clanned for 8 years I'm looking for a pure clan to join now, im officially going out from retirement
  3. Ahhh yes good old sharkbrew forums

  4. I agree @@Control Pker is the worst leader ever
    1. EOPSlayer69


      your in the LPC scene asking clans for 20 vs 20s. Grow the fuck up and step out in wild with your capes.

    2. Hi Im Sean

      Hi Im Sean

      Step out in your own capes for once, broccoli.

    3. Evade


      lmfao dv is so fucking bad its unreal

  5. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on minimum prep pulls. Clans have recently integrated a 'prep minimum' where both ranks of x and y clan agree on a minimum pull for a clan wars fight. For example: if a minimum of 25 persons is agreed to, and clan x pulls 25, but clan y only pulls 24, clan y must fight down 1 person. You can argue that this encourages clans to pull more, and have higher opted fights. I mean, does clan x - who pulls 50 - really want to prep clan y - who pulls 25 - when this means they have to sit around half of their pull? But, at the same time, aren't clan wars fights supposed to be fair, 1 vs. 1, MATCHED fights to see who the better man for man clan is? It is a very real scenario that one clan can meet the minimum, but have 10 invites, and the opposing clan misses out on the minimum by 1 person, and then has to fight down 1. Doesn't this make the whole 'prep minimum' rule redundant? This poses a few questions for me... Is this a healthy direction for clan wars fights? Is this a rule brought in by clans who create unrealistic minimums for their opponents, just to make off with cheap wins? Would 'prep mins' even be a thing if it wasn't for sharkbrew and it's Clan Wars League Table? Are clans and their leaders scared to lose incase it makes them look bad? Should clans be punished if they do not meet the agreed minimum pull? Discuss.
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