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Found 54 results

  1. Create a clan group if your clan hasn't already: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/gc/ Post your aftermath topic We will add it to the system Proof of aftermath topic entry can be seen with the topic tags "League verified" You shall receive points as long as your opponent clan is an official clan opened for quite some time Fight types: Weekend - Fights that occur during weekends Midweek - Fights that occur during the weekdays Exclusions: The higher you pull, the more points you receive You must have a video in your topic for opts verification Your pulls are calculated by taking the average of your med and max pull We do not care of the outcome of the fight. You will receive points if you meet the aforementioned requirements
  2. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We decided to be sneaky and infiltrate the vennies outfit. We equipped a purple hat and started demolishing through everyone. We started hopping with our finest rev shooters and eventually peaked at 25 Zenith Reapers for our Purple Hat Punishment Day.
  3. diogo96 approached arroz last night. he was desperate, hungry for some action. "pls let fuck me, jeta" diogo begged him with 100m to teach him "how arroz does it" Fast forward to tonight. Wilderland got fucked harder than Salomão's hooker. They were gangbanged on sight by arroz. They thought we were done with them saying no mas, but arroz wanted to unleash the mass bukkakefest. How did that cum taste in your mouth wilderland? Videos: Soon Click on the spoiler to see the ownage
  4. Clan Information Discord: https://discord.gg/4vVznwD The Firm is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on PKin instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's makes a noticeable difference. Why Join The Firm? Pking everyday Weekly clan events, wars and giveaways! Pkers of all experience levels welcome!! Requirements: 70+ Combat 1-25 Def Preferred 50+ Attack 80+ Strength / Range 85+ Magic 43+ Prayer Clan chat is: TheFirmCC Founder: My Caves Leader: Moe, Th3 Punish3r, Fvmous High Council: Nam Council: Benny Officer: TBA
  5. You CANNOT make this shit up....rev victimized to call af for help within 5 minutes.
  6. Forums | Discord We Pked numerous times today, Had morning trips and late trips. We assembled 15 Red Warriors and completely dominated anywhere we went. Lavas,Venny,Revs. We made bank. 
  7. We woke up bored on Saturday, and IO headquarters came up with the dumb idea to pk 24 hours straight, and having a trip go through every timezone. We started at 2pm EST on Saturday, and lasted the full 24hours nonstop PKing, with a mix of Revs, Singles, Altar, Deep wild, Macing, luring, EVERYTHING. Was a great trip and a cool experience for all, and was very fun seeing a PK trip cycle timezones (without it being a ragwar) US guys PK'd all day with GMT boys, as the GMT boys went to bed and Aussies woke up, the trip continued and when the US boys went to bed, the GMT guys continued the trip in the morning. Peaked 28, lowest point was 5 opts PKing~ (side note, PK trip hasn't actually ended yet and people are STILL PKing for some reason... idk how they don't get burnt out) I don't want to spam pics and we had WAY too much footage of fighting teams/clans etc, so I'll just list the clans/teams we had fights with below GF: BP, FI, DC, RS, LY, SF, Z, COB, Mustad Here's a screenshot of all the +1s obtained during the trip! Aftermath Video With so many clips, we liked these the most as they were friendly and fun fights! BP always respectful and fun action + FI were nice too today~
  8. Forums | Discord After a deep wilderness PK trip. I hopped on to find 10 Still Pking, We quickly sounded the alarm and massed up 25 Resistance Members to go kill whatever we could find. We ran into Hydra and cleared them x3 and had a couple fights against them. Ran into Legacy and killed them x2. Ran into Damage Control and Irrelevent Outcasts macing? KIlled them. Thanks to everyone who came.  Congratulations @Elve on Armadyl Godsword PK Edited just now by Elve
  9. Forums | Discord We had a couple gentlemen relaxing on Discord so we decided to head out on a trip. We started at revs with 15 Red Hatted Warriors. We cleared up Revs and then went around deep wilderness and made bank loot! Thanks to everyone who came through.
  10. Bp is garbage staff bashing me 4 times.
  11. Forums | Discord Woke up and had 15 Resistance Members PKing on Discord, Decided to join in and ended up making alot of loot. Thanks to everyone who came!
  12. Forums | Discord @gmercs got a trip together and assembled some shooters and eventually we reached 15 Resistance Members. We ended up PKing for hours and made so much loot. Thanks to everyone who showed up! Congratulations @zandon on Ancient Stat
  13. Forums | Discord We heard a couple clans were out so we massed up 20 Resistance Members to go clear them out. We ended up PKing for shortly over an hour and smoked absolutely everything in the caves. Thanks to everyone who came once again. Edited 7 minutes ago by Elve
  14. Forums | Discord Hopped on Discord and found a couple red Gentlemen wanting to PK. We massed up 15 Red Hat Warriors and went to the caves. We ended up PKing for a couple hours and made bank looties! Thanks to everyone who showed up
  15. Forums | Discord We decided to head out PKING with 15 Red Gentlemen. We ended up being out for quiet some time and made nothing but loot once again. Thanks to everyone who attends these PK Trips! 
  16. Forums | Discord We had some boys chillin on Discord so we massed up 20 Resistance Shooters and went to the caves. We ended up Pking for 4 hours and made absolute bank loot. Thanks to everyone who came! 
  17. Forums | Discord We massed up 20 Resistance Members and decided to go PKing, We ended up PKing almost all day and made nothing but bank loot, Ran into a couple clans and cleared them up easily. Managed to PK a AGS. Thanks to everyone who came.  Congratulations @Racks on Armadyl Godsword PK
  18. Forums | Discord We massed up 10 Gang Members on Discord and went Deep Wilderness Pking, Went to Lava Dragons, Callisto, GDZ. And everywhere in between, We ended up making absolute bank loot. Thanks to everyone who showed up.  Congratulatons @Elve on Dragon Crossbow
  19. Forums | Discord After a meeting with the clan we decided to go PKing with the 20 Red Lords we had on Discord, We ended up PKing for hours, we ran into numerous small teams and smoked them. Thanks to everyone who showed up.  Congratulations @Sturgeonistaon 7M PK
  20. Been around 10 years since i used sony vegas, don't bother flaming me i cba. If you like it leave it a thumbs up/commnent on yt
  21. Avalon - #1 Rune Pure + Tank + Med clan To keep this short, veng was begging for this for a while: Found out that Vengeance was planning on going to AC some pure fight so as usual we massed up the squad to go and ban Vengeance from our wilderness. We hopped in and found Vengeance standing by themselves away from the clump so we forced the 1v1. The first fight lasted about 15 minutes with Veng being wiped off the map. We got bored and decided that we would fight some of the pures 1v2 and as we were doing that, Vegeance, for whatever reason, decided it would be a good idea to tele back up and fight us again. We took control of the 2nd fight immediately and forced them to suicide to us for 30 minutes before they had enough and ran away handing us the win. To any of the Vengeance members reading this (and I know you are) PM any of the officials to leave your sinking ship of a clan. https://twitter.com/rsavnet/status/1190798338721013761 Video/pcitures of the slaughter: TY Sybren for free ballista. L2 prot item idiot THIS IS NEVER GOING TO END BTW
  22. Heard Legacy was out pking, massed 20 Jokers, fully cleared them x3 and they ended trip once again..
  23. Heard Legacy was out pking, massed 20 Jokers, fully cleared them x2 and they ended trip.
  24. <S>pecial <F>orces is back on the Map. They always say that Old Soldiers NEVER die. And we don't fade away. https://sf-clan.com/community/
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