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Found 438 results

  1. FORUMS | DISCORD This afternoon 10 strong Resurgence warriors set off on a trip to Spider hill, not knowing this would be one of our most profitable trips yet. After killing some PVMers, we ran into a small team and manged to smite one for the first pair of claws of the day. We soon moved the trip to Chaos Altar and our Venezuelan loot detector sniffed out a skulled bulwark on 337 for us. We were excited to get a free bulwark, but when we killed him we got not only a bulwark, but another set of dragon claws and a BGS. Not even 5 minutes later, we baited and speared a singles PKer for a solid 12M kill.Just another day for the undisputed #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan.
  2. Stl Arrow

    Resurgence Defeats Vengeance 3-0

    FORUMS | DISCORD A week or so ago me and Zewy got together and set up a 55 def cap CWA with standard rules. They asked for 15v15 and the rest off the rules standard, including void off. We massed up and did some warm ups right before and hopped into their world. Round 1 started off very close, we had some really strong tanks and started to pull a small lead. Midway, due to late arrivals and a miscommunication, one of our guys came in and we ended up with 16 in portal. We sorted it quickly and got them back out, apologies to Veng. At the end of the round we gained a solid lead and took the W. Round 2 we made sure to get numbers correct and it started off even again. Midway through Vengeance took a couple kills and gained a 2 man lead. Due to strong calling and tanks we brought the round back and won it 25-24. Round 3 was knockout and we were determined to get the 3-0. Another close round and another win for the Surgeons. Thanks a ton for the fight Veng, hopefully more to come in the future. ~ VIDEO ~ Round 1 Ending: 24-17 Round 2 Ending: 25-24 Round 3 Ending: 9-1
  3. FORUMS | DISCORD To be honest nothing really to say about this one besides we beat them at their own game. Veng claims to be able to shit on us in singles, so we decided to do what we don't do very often....hit em in singles. Being a multi pking clan we hardly ever single pk, but decided to take a different route tonight. After scouting a few worlds at altar we immediately rushed in resulting in us killing nearly every single Veng member for the lot. Thanks for the loot fella's and good job on flying in when needed men. Resurgence wins again 😎
  4. FORUMS | DISCORD Another Sunday and another win for the men of Resurgence. We started off scouting and mass hopping through caves where we quickly found Vengeance. All 30+ of us logged in and threw up smite immediately as it looked like they were running. They actually stuck around to fight, but not before one of their members donated us an elder maul. The fight was pretty clean with some mains north in caves, and some pures running around. After around 20 minutes Vengeance called off returning. We continued hopping caves killing mains and the odd small mans. While doing this we ran into Sovereign with not too many resulting in us quickly clearing them off the map. We ran into them again with similar opts so we decided to scrap it out again until jaja came in. After banking we kept moving around caves finding Vengeance again. This time a brief fight took place in black drags to the north and it was clear they weren't gonna win this time either. They donated us some more +1s before leaving us to take our ending. We kept hopping around for another hour+ before calling it, ending Veng as they weren't seen again. How many +1s will Veng donate next time? (7 total today) find out next time!
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD Tonight we had 25 Surgeons on TS chillin & raiding. After making bank at raids the boys wanted to go sweep, so we massed up @ 9EST for a small-man. We waited until Polyshit was finished with their CWA and hit them almost immediately in caves. Each occurrence consisted on them instantly trying to run all over caves to get out safely, but our mages & tbers were so spot on only 2-3 max were able to get out each hit. After about 2-3 hits their pull was slowly trickling down where they decided to call it a night. Please don't get your clan killed Heath, all we wana do is fight. Gratz on your 7v7 CWA win btw. 😂 After bullying them we decided to hop around a bit at altar and sweep caves for a little longer, but not much was out at this time. Was overall some free loot as usual for the Surgeons tonight.
  6. FORUMS | DISCORD Part 1: Scrap with Foe & 420 We originally started the night out with 18 surgeons around 9est ready to sweep the wildy of loot as usual. Almost immediately we ran into a 5-7 man team of randoms at GDZ. We cleared them in legit seconds when 420 logged into us with similar opts (welcome back homies) & the fight begun. We battled it out a two different times until we eventually cleared them after about 10-15 minutes of total fighting. Not too long after Foe came in hot with F2P gear, assuming they just finished a prep and decided to fuck around. After a their first death they came back in P2P full force with 40+ Eagles ready to fight. We fought for about 5-10mins owning until 420 decided to join the party making this a FFA fight. About 10 more minutes in, PD & SV decided to join the party in the typical main clan P2P rag gear, which was our que to dip. Was a lot of fun Foe & 420, til next time. Part 2: Veng 10Min Scrap & Bullying Porygon Zewy & I agreed on trying to get some different kind of action in for fun despite how hard we knew it would be because both clans hate eachother, but its something that we figured we have to fight thru to continue to see the scene grow. So we agreed on a 10min multi spells capped fally PvP world scrap. We were already out pking with 21 so we matched Veng's 11 and they soon rushed. With some miscommunication on the no telly rule the majority of this fight was just a mess, which was a mistake on me and Zewy's part, but was still fun to get a tad bit of action between the two of us. After finishing that we went back to caves where we ran into Polyshit two different times. Im sure you guys already know what the outcome of this was. They INSTANTLY on sight of a few Resurgence members paniced and took off. We managed to catch a few of their guys in multi & exploded them while chasing the rest down in singles making them run to hobs outside of caves to get to safety. All we wanted was some action here & there, but after so many excuses and trolls from your leader you leave us no choice but to hunt you everytime you step in the wilderness. This is only the beginning Polygoons, cya soon.
  7. FORUMS | DISCORD The Obsessed Boyfriends were hungry to go get some loot tonight so we started pking with 20 Surgeons @ 8:30EST. We started sweeping caves where we instantly hit Polyshit and got a few before the rest made it out. We then chased them to altar where we got 4-5 of them in a non +1 world giving us a free ags and more...Not too long after that we scouted veng doing some singles @ altar and chased them down killing 2-3 at the minimum (nice main Trae). After clearing both veng and paragon we went back to caves where we scrapped latino's for a bit til they were returning in full diary/addy gear. We got a fair amount of +1s throughout the night including multiple ballista's & a zgs...the norm over here in Res. Overall was an eventful day for the Surgeons, yet again. Stay shit Porygon. 😂
  8. Forum l Discord Part 1: After the boy Seabird got his max cape we got word SV were in the cave so we logged the boys in and battered them until they called their 1750 CC slaves. Sparc Mac then logged in and SV tele'd out. Part 2: Same shit as usual, SV getting raped. We baited them into mid and completely tossed these freaks around in a barrage clump. RoT took too long to login and SV suffered the consequences. Quality over quantity. You idots will never compete and it won't be too long before your members won't be able to take this anymore.
  9. Paragon

    Paragon's Small Man

    With it being spring break and most of our virgins doing regular college shit, we still had 10 retards that wanted to pk so we went and swept the money caves. We hit every small man team and cleared all the hispanics from their money making method. After 3 hours we decided to call it a night when American Idol came on.
  10. topic created by Mike | read original topic GMT squad showing utter dominance over EST in a 4 hour long fucking godlike smackdown in the rev caves. Absolute bank lootations was made by the 6 GMT-ERS involved. Slapped a Fo small man with half their opts (lol) Nothing more to be said. #gmtgang #vengup
  11. Went out on this fine Sunday and swept the rev caves, started off pretty dead then we ran into the likes of Resurgence and Veng. After clearing them many times we found Jaja who we butchered over and over again. At around 10pm Jaja made their final stand only to get raped, too bad rev couldn't save u. s
  12. topic created by @Zewy| read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The Viking Insomniacs suited up again for another late night adventure. We hit up revs and altar blowing up multi and single with ease. No named clans that i can speak of but we did take a couple Carnage for 7m. Few smaller +1s and bookoos of mystic, bones, and General treasure chests were plundered. A quality GMT trip followed up with another EST success and Veng is continuing to be around the clock loot farmers. PS: The Veng GMTers are gonna have to step up their game if they wanna keep up with the b(EST). https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/423657420561317889/554826122651762688/RuneLite_2019-03-11_19-40-15.png https://i.imgur.com/e3243LT.png
  13. Forum l Discord Went out pking around 8PM GMT "Prime time" on a Sunday looking for anti-Jaja. We hopped cave and ran into Res+Veng multiple times however they ran on site until RoT came to try and save them but no one got caught. After this we got word CT were attempting to fight deep wild so we grabbed our finest crystal bows and camped CT and RoT returners until the fight was over. (RoT literally stole your fight lmfao) By this time SV were pking so we went up and bullied them in our shotguns for the next 45 minutes while RoT followed them world to world trying to save them but they were always too slow! Once RoT ended we changed up our gear and logged into SV. Then the slaughter commenced. At 6:30 in the vid you can see RoT rushing in on med levels and even ANNOUNCING they are here! Keep calling your daddy more SV LOL! Part 1: Veng/Res/CT/RoT (Barraging us and killing CT in the process LOL nice alliance.) Part 2: Beating SV into submission
  14. Forum l Discord Sweeped altar and cave found a bunch of noobs and made bank x
  15. Joy

    Tuesday: Sweepin ft. Rats

    Forum l Discord Swept cave for 2 hours looking for anti-Jaja but as is the usual, we PKed for free the entire time. Stopped sweeping once cave was completely dead. Made billions. Ez for Jaja.
  16. Sybren

    SUNDAY PK DAY (Ft. Ez Claws)

    topic written by @Zewy | read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ This Sunday we didn't prep at all but started out with just a handful of Vikings. After about half hour of running around rev caves we reached 30 Strong and ran into our first fight of the day Vs Resurgence. They had about even ops and exchanged control with us for about 20 minutes when JAJA and soon after RoT flew in and both clans dispersed. We continued running around caves fighting several small mans and eventually decided we would give Turmoil mains a go. We geared and fought for 2-3 minutes before the main scene yet again turned into a cluster. We retreated back to entrance after fighting in middle for another few minutes and picked off some clumps. We kept busy getting caught up in the all different wars going on for a few hours and did manage to grab a pair of claws. Congrats @Wolf12433. Another good day to be Veng. Enjoy:
  17. Sybren

    GMT Elites Run The Wilderness

    topic written by @Prefade| read original topic GMT was out today flexing an elite unit consisting of some of our finest pkers. What started with a bunch of our guys getting keys from wildy godwars and sending some shitters back to white knights castle ended as a full blown 4 hour pk trip where bank was claimed and open cc's were bulldozed. Great job to all the heavy hitters who showed up today. #Vengup
  18. topic created by @Zewy| read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Veng late night crew at it again. EST Massed a small raiding party to hit up the singles/multi and of course came out pockets full per usual. No long story tonight but many good times were had. Enjoy the loot:
  19. Forum l Discord The midnight gamers, comprised of Sci, Soft, Slipsoul, and myself, decided to hop around Venanatis and Vet'ion. We ran into the absolute whale donators, who kindly gave us multiple torag's and mystic sets, ballistas, blessed spirit shields, and even an AGS. EST baby.
  20. Forum l Discord Sweeped altar, deep, and caves and made billions. The whales were out tonight, including some idot who lost Pegasians to the boys. We cleared VR in caves as well, stupid dead clan, go back to F2P wars in 2019 LOL!
  21. Sybren

    Veng GMT trip

    Topic written by @Spoontech| Read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Massed up 13 men for a quick lil' late-GMT smoke. No real clans to be out, smited tons of pures nevertheless. I wish I had more to say, but we do this shit daily so nothing new happend. Thanks everybody for coming. (Real pic btw, resolution just sucks)
  22. Forum l Discord Decided to smoke some anti-Jaja with 30 shotguns and hit SV as well as Team Sweden twice, forcing them to end, or call RoT for blackup SV trying to claim a win after RoT came to help them. Nice 8 man spam LOL!
  23. Swept up AE at GDZ for the motherload of loot, we later turned our attention to the caves as we heard that Violent Resolution and Jaja were trespassing. After looking around for about an hour with no signs of clans only deceptions and PVM whales we finally caught VR lacking and quickly dispatched them to Edge. During our ending picture jaja tried to gwas us and ended up getting baited into another fight where they got curb stomped for the entire duration of the fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7iHftKP7rk&feature=youtu.be
  24. Sybren

    b(EST) Squad Post PK, PK.

    topic written by @Zewy | read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The EST vikings are never quite satisfied. We grabbed some dinner after our Sunday trip collecting looties and headed out on a single/multi raid. We found usual whale squads and then ran into a small Resurgence friend group. We got a few kills out of it and called it a night. Enjoy.
  25. Forum l Discord Heard SV was out PKing so we massed up the boys. Knowing there was a 1% chance that SV would actually fight back instead of instantly running away when we login, as what has been happening lately, we went up to see what would happen. Today we got lucky tho, and RoT was busy fighting pures or some shit in F2P on their med lvls so SV had no blackup. After RoT FINALLY came to help SV we tele'd out, geared up in the shotguns, and swept cave for another 2 hours without any sign of Anti-Jaja. Outspammed and outperformed as usual. This is why you shitters don't 1V1.