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What benefits does aedcdf27df0683997f813fad73af2e0b.pngVIP have?



You will have the following privileges as a VIP rank


  • 1k forum PM inbox

  • Ability to view site offline

  • Access to the Clan Tools system
    • World Tracker
    • XP Tracker

    • as well as all future apps

  • Access to the VIP member forums

  • Access to the paidapps support forums

  • Ability to close and lock your own topics

  • A badass star at the side of the name







How Do I Earn aedcdf27df0683997f813fad73af2e0b.pngVIP?



aedcdf27df0683997f813fad73af2e0b.pngVIP only costs 250 sharkwallet money. You can earn sharkwallet money by doing stuff like:

  • Replying to topics
  • Posting topics

  • Liking posts

  • getting liked by other people

  • etc etc

Naturally you will earn more sharkwallet money if you perform more community oriented tasks like making a topic or having your posts liked by people.




Can I Pay For aedcdf27df0683997f813fad73af2e0b.pngVIP instead?


Sure. you may simply click on http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=subscriptions and pay for a month's subscription via paypal.



Dude, You Host My Clan's Forum, Can I Get a Discount?


For all clans that I host, you will be entitled to a 1.99 30 day package deal. This package will be restricted to 1 Sharkbrew account only. Drop me a PM to activate this discount



Dude, I am not a VIP member, and I can still view the paidapps system


Yes, temporarily. Once the XP tracking system is up, the system will revert to a p2p model.

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