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Don Elmir

pure/weekend EnVy digs graves for CD's depressed family members and pisses on them ft T7 Alliance

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Today EnVy massed up 70 pures to take on the scene, we later peaked at 86+ pures. 

We took on the team-7 cape clan. Yes you might think its CD, but these days

its OutBurst, Doom, Destiny and CD combined to pull 70 l0l!

OutBurst and Doom the last time you wore your own capes was in safe area clanwars. 

Keep piping up to big daddy EnVy.

CD you're still losing with mains, you had 40 in TS 80+ In your fallin when we 1v1'd. This is why.


got this poor guy slaving on 6 mains, l0l!


@Doom Ryan, wyd in CD ts? l00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l


45 on TS, 80 ingame, hm....


37 in CC, 75 ingame? How you manage that??







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considering i was in CD and know how it operates im disgusted to see the current leadership @Brap and the rest of u that are TEAMING WITH OTHER CLANS in the xlpc scene thats completely against what CD stands for and ur killing ur clan in the process. i suggest u change up something quick bc ur looking like one of the weaker clans of this already weak scene.

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3 minutes ago, Don Elmir said:

dill told his clan he had a flat tire, dude was at some chinese place eating

damn at least i can eat chinese without having to worry about morbid obesity :/

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