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  1. Top 5 Clans Of All Time [Has Foe Slipped?]

    #1. Shadow Kings #2. Critical Damage #3. Corrupt Pures #4. Mayhem Makers #5. Chinaman rag CC @Tannie
  2. Bad Timing [50-65 Combat] XLPC

  3. Been in since 2015 try again brother, plus you actually just repeated what I said before.??. Dumb as fuck
  4. I know lol? Like a lot of CD core joined SV
  5. TBH I see OB in a situation CD was in. CD wasn't as bad but we lost our core still pulled 50+ and still fine lol. They'll be back tbh just give em time
  6. CD gonna kill them like the last 3 years lol
  7. Clans who should Prep

    Hey now, SF is amazing low tier clan whey!
  8. We did this with out feet and eyes closed