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Wannabe Slav

pure account Noobie wants to unleash his slav powers

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Hello guys, 

I'm looking for a nice clan/community to hangout with. 

About me: 

I am "Wannabe Slav" and I'm a 24 year old software developer from the Netherlands. I'm looking for a place where I have the opportunity to train my account and doesn't require me to be available every night. I recently started playing again and want to commit myself to clanning.



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Welcome. You should come hangout with Supremacy while you train up. We have a really strong GMT base.

Supremacy-rs.com , drop an intro sometime/come hangout on teamspeak. Our ingame CC is Supremacy_Rs but is currently on smiley+ talk power due to spammers.


I'm working on a baby pure myself similar to your stats at the moment.

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