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  1. sgs + light ballista is new meta i think
  2. Noise

    @lpc scene

  3. Elve is hungry to close clans.
  4. Noise

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    Well i think foe has lots of mains, foe mains+ other main clans. Will be interested.
  5. Other main clans will help Foe and Foe will claim the win.
  6. Noise

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    Well probably other main clans will help Foe. And Foe will claim win.
  7. Noise

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    Foe + Revenant vs Rot will be fun
  8. Noise

    The greatest crossover event in history...

    did Foe just claim a win against Rot ?
  9. Noise

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

    Gf Rage, was fun.
  10. Noise

    Which clan?

    What The Real said. EnVy on my chest.
  11. Noise

    cwa CT vs Apex 27v40 P2P Prep 3-0

    Fl on top
  12. Noise


    Good luck
  13. Big things coming for xlpc :)

  14. Noise

    95 CB Rigour Pure Pking

    Nice vid
  15. Keep calm and join Lethal

  16. Noise

    EOP back up?

    Hope they come back
  17. Noise

    xlpc question

  18. Noise

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    Nice trip Legacy
  19. Noise

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    I am so horny right now.