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midweek The Plague Tuesday Chain-Smoking 1v2 NP

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On this Fine Tuesday late night , We massed up a strong 25 Plaguers to a big smoke fest.


-First fight was vs XL wheel-chair users smoking them at path while they hug single and then after dragging them to hills and we continue to smoke them hard into they called for a regroup being cleared lmfaoooooooooo.


-Second fight was a 1v2 with SYN hitting us south of CA while XL hitting us from North, we quickly push west and continue to destroy SYN complently killing them all or made them telly. Then wrapping around singles to corp baited xl retards which worked, smoke XL at corp finishing off their misrable life or pushing them to singles. WAS VERY EASY THANK YOU COME AGAIN.

-Third fight was at path, we smoke SYN only being up 1-3 and fight ended really quickly pushing them to singles/telly.

-Fourth fight was a big 1v2. while 70s hit us, XL like typicaly scrub move try to take advantage of the situation, rushed us from ghost hunt. we continue to pound on them pushing them to ghost hunt into SYN hit us from south of ghost hunt. we focus them pushing them around sperm. we then pushed on xl on ghost and then SYN follow also with the clear.




good to see other clans our levels pulling 20+ SYN hope to see you more in wildy.









Want to join a XLPC with quality and action pack---plague.ts3chat.com

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