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weekend Noxious Saturday - Smacking APOC + OB In PvP Worlds Ft. VD, RD, Smoke

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For today's official Saturday trip, Noxious massed up 22 dominant males to smack both Apocalypse and Outbreak throughout the day.

The first fight/cluster began at barb village with all clans. We primarily focused APOC and demoralized their clan. After the first hit 7 members/recruits left voice channel LOL.

After other clans crashed/restocked we decided to get a bank and rehit the same location. This time logged on top of APOC with our scims in hand and completely wipe them off the map.

After they booked it to singles we then turned out attention on OB sitting east of barb on the bridge. We quickly bow to scim these retards and they immediately panic rushing east to singles.

Later throughout the day we had some fun clusters in Fally against VD and OB. We fucked up APOC multiple times aswell seen below. Learn to use a ladder retards lmfao. GF everyone.








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2 hours ago, Eztocrypt said:

Nice losing topic 

Apocalypse obv smoked you guys l0l

Your venezuelans won't be able to handle this much longer

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5 hours ago, Proccy said:

losing topic, rd won today ty

You hid all day or got smoked by vd everytime you went out lmfao

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