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Everything posted by Satans

  1. Satans

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    Yawn, same old shit
  2. Satans

    friendly F2P Hybrids vs Energy (2-1) | F2P Mini

    You would 😂
  3. Satans

    A depiction of the current xlpc scene

    Whos peanut brain thought this was amusing? Yikes You can do better man!
  4. Satans

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    Ite guys @Lenin& @DilL big things
  5. Satans

    xlpc Divine | #1 xLPC Clan | The Undefeated Gods

    Join today!!!
  6. Satans

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    Big if true!?! Ah yes good times brother Naaldo
  7. Ez for Divine shooters, smart call not using Cp name and tarnishing it
  8. Keep projecting ya weird lil guy, can't even begin to imagine what traumatic event you went through to make you like this, don't neck kiddo
  9. Satans

    Haz/Scims Scamming Accusations

    This lol ^ @Ace Kraveis a lowly pathetic excuse of a human
  10. Nice trip, looking good! People like you?! L000000000000000000l, trust me dude, there's not many like you with your level of autism and I've been around the net a long time
  11. Satans

    weekend Final Ownage Elite ends Apex' pk trip

    Super hard clearing clans up opts. well done
  12. Satans

    Immortal obliterates Divine in F2P Clan Wars (3-0)

    Hahahahaha, struck a nerve with that @Shiekhfreak no humans like
  13. Satans

    xlpc Bad Timing

    Hahahah and again
  14. Satans

    Whos your pick?

    Ewww this weird gremlin
  15. Satans

    lpc Join Jungledash66 [Levels 30+] (Starting a New Clan)

    Get it bro!!
  16. Satans

    Greatest day in history.

    Hahahahah what in the fuck, this guy is legit mentally handicapped. What did the docs. diagnose you with? You are not a normal human
  17. Satans

    Apex is done (audio leak)

    Why are you trying so hard dude lol
  18. Can't we all just bong and get along
  19. Satans


    Hahahahah that's actually hilarious, weak attempt man, @R4ngeTAPspeak up retard And l0000000000000l @love pk3 and 3hit, actual autistic rejects
  20. Here I am ready to do laps around corp., fighting down opts., getting returners and relying on better movements and quality but we just pushed them to singles so quick and easily, smh too ez