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  1. Satans

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    Lots of cringe and hider account pussy, yawn
  2. Satans

    CD raging on discord.

    Lol actual snitch pussy boi, you aint made for a rivalry vs. CD lil kid, the gang on you
  3. Satans

    midweek Team Rev crucify CD 25v25

    Nice rev clan cc, keep playing RuneScape everday for gp, broke ass kids lmfao go outside
  4. Who lmfao?? And who tf are those randoms l0l0l, I dare you to come out on a Saturday or Sunday rat rev team cc stay in your hole
  5. Accurate l0l0l0l, one can only imagine how much of a freak he is when you needa scam $10 for IRL survival #Prayers4AceKrave p.s. CD doesn't off btw
  6. Satans

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    Ah classic, nothing to say back, uses the beta 12 year old reply thanks for playing kiddo!!
  7. Taking away @Ace Krave's only form of income, his rev caves gp. Have fun being homeless 

  8. Satans

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    Are you retarded? It's the wildy bro, you don't know how to fight 1v1 on pures - No rag idiot. Expected from autistic rev cc masser team l0l0l0
  9. @Ace Kravecome out for f2p Sat/p2p Sun, oh wait, down syndrome rev cc team who actually PKs for gp l000000000000l
  10. Satans

    For only £10 a month....

    You come across some real freaks on here, but @Ace Kravetakes the cake for biggest virgin loser P.s. lock your doors at night
  11. Satans

    Purge Audio Leak #1 - "We got spanked"

    Hahaha you sound like scum @Ace Krave
  12. Satans


    People might actually like and respect Fh if it wasn't for you tarnishing the name and making them seem like cringe retards
  13. Satans

    cwa Fearless vs Legacy F2P PREP 2-1 [35v35]

    Nice one Fs, no surprise there
  14. @Ace KraveCD caves now beta fag, pipe up pussy lmao
  15. L00000l, New Zealand > America, @ me if ignorant and retarded. Forever above you scum
  16. "Apocalypse" Shut up downie fag
  17. Never forget @Ace Kraveclosed his clan over $10 because he's a poor degenerate IRL

    1. Sliq


      Rumor has it, it will be $20 this time

  18. Talk shit = get hit You asked for this dumb fucks, don't cry about "team" when you picked a fight with 2 clans lmao Honestly brain-dead spastics
  19. Satans

    midweek 😈Purge Fat Rev Trip - Smoke DC x4 FT - LY

    Hahahah shit clan led by a broke-ass degenerate leader, re-evaluate your life kid
  20. Good fights, good action, tyty
  21. Satans