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weekend Apocalypse Ending Noxi 2 days In A row FT. RD, OB & VD

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On this Fine Sunday Afternoon Apocalypse massed up 25+ shooters to take on the xlpc scene for the second day in A row.


As per usual the second we stepped foot into PVP world 371 we where greeted by Outbreak, which then quickly formed into A huge cluster fight at Barbarian Village with Redemption, Noxshits & Vendetta.
Soon after we challenged Outbreak to another tussle right by the cooking guild, Noxishit being the terrible clan they are decided to crash our fight bad choice for them because right after we told those pussies to meet us Varrock Ditch for an 1v1 which they lost terribly sending there members running for singles & tele'ing like pussies.

Once again they talked shit & got smoked, Enjoy you're new company with pkeru l0l.




































Thanks for All participating clans for the awesome action.

Interested in joining one of the best xLpc clans?!

Join Clan Chat "AP RS" in game!


70+ Range/70+mage & 70+ Strength.

Team-49 Cape/48+Combat.




Tired of you're clan treating you like just A +1 or hate one of you're ranks? PM -> Eztocrypt#5495 Via Discord to anonymously leak you're clans locations for 10m Each weekend.(Secure & easy)





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2 minutes ago, Scims said:

Noxi is #1 cw/wildy prep me anyday or stay below me on the food chain rats.

you're shit keep barking for me and il give you a dog-o-bone as a treat

Im in you're head at 12:55am l0l keep barking woof woof

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