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announcement [F2P / P2P] USA vs EU Event Rules

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1. To participate this event, you have to write your Runescape name in the #post-rs-names channel. (EU or USA server)

2. Add your RSN, to your Sharkbrew account via your profile page

3. Accounts must be 1-25 def (we will not allow higher)

4. 1 Def gear cap (only exception: Adamant gloves) 

5. Don't mass highlight members or ranks during the events

6. No Excessive Spamming & Trolling

And most important if you post dox links, there will be zero tolerance, and you get perm-banned.


TEAM USA: https://discord.gg/ujbV2s2

TEAM EU: https://discord.gg/G2mbRDk


be sure to have your RSN tied to your sharkbrew account via your profile page 






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On 11/28/2019 at 9:46 PM, Lionel said:

why do i have to add my ign to my sb profile?

what if i prefer not having my ign out here... seems like a weird requirement

Its not a requirement, but we do recommend you to do it. So that we can verify, who you are, to receive a award on forums

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