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  1. Ploot

    cwa Terminal PCL | Undefeated 5-0

    the whole battlescape server caught smoke today
  2. Ploot

    A depiction of the current xlpc scene

    dude wat
  3. Ploot

    pure Nox

  4. Ploot

    New LPC Pure Clan

    tlp wins again
  5. Ploot

    Apex Scared?

    tlp wins again
  6. Ploot

    cwa CWA vs Supremacy

    not only did u lose a round to a pure clan, it was supremacy lmfaooooooooooo
  7. Ploot

    lpc Critical Damage Returns - 75-101 Combat LPC

    ah yes we need more quality main clans in the scene
  8. Ploot

    What is your honnest opinion.

    imagine scamming in 2k18
  9. Ploot

    pure/midweek what defines a win in 2k18

    tlp wins again yup
  10. Ploot

    Fatality vs Apex Big Mini (2-1) Rounds

    losing to fi in 2k18