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July 3rd 2022 - Fo pulls 7 and merges with apeg to clear pedoclanmen

Unbiased Truth Seeker

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Since final ownage is afraid to post their aftermath topic on here, I'm more than happy to conclude how their HUGE Sunday trip went!

First final ownage had to team with apex to pull more than ten, so they got into a merged cc with apeg to clear lvl 70 pedoclanmen! SURELY THIS WASN'T A PLOY TO GET SOMEONE TO HIT THEM AND THEN 1V3 THAT PERSON!?!?!?




I wanted to be the first to congratulate fo/apeg on the merge! VERY smart move. 

After which, they had a 7v7 run in with their newly merged clan, A WHOPPING SIX MINUTE FIGHT! 



And............then they got cleared! Oops! 



Wow what a great trip guys, keep it up!



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