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  1. Virgin geeks actin like its not normal to be fuckin when u 14 LMFAO
  2. didnt ask, u wont be able to pay us for off like u did to kg now when u mention that lmfao
  3. doesnt matter where and when, if he wanted to dox himself in sharkbrew forums he would have, you didnt have to.
  4. if he wants to dox himself in eop discord he can, but u doxing him infront of the pure community for everyone to see is something else. ur a fucking retard, and imma kill ur dogshit clan bitch
  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaahah supremacy has been out of the picture since they lost their rivalry to ir LMFAO. you just use that shit to boost ur ego eventho ur clans fucking pathetic and shit
  6. They posted his dox in their fucking aftermath lmfao
  7. LEGACY IS FUCKING DOGSHIT, so ur hiding in here huh
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