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  1. Who was the rank in ascent with that massive lisp??? Make him sing this please
  2. I'll give you some food for thought. In regards to whether or not Adhi is a "good" leader... He inherited a clan that has 34k forum accounts & over 16k YouTube subs, the sheer fact that other clans are able to outpull foe is embarrassing. A "good" leader, with those resources, would have done a lot more than winning a jagex cup full out. I don't doubt he can lead Pk trips, but i believe being a "good" leader consists of more than that. Now for the future of foe. Relying on the same people who closed your clan a few months back reminds me of a quote. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Einstein Hype fades. Judging from the past I don't think adhi or anyone they promote holds the mental fortitude needed to endure. I give you 6 months. As for the topic Cp #1 Fuck the rest.
  3. Name:Downyz Clan(s):[L]eet-[T]actics Lol
  4. Maybe we're moving servers gabe
  5. So pretty much your leaks were on. Lol
  6. Good topic, I enjoyed the read drip :3333333
  7. Sounds liek ya supa scurred brah!
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