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  1. "in advance our apologies, we also have to go trough this shit on weekly basis." LOOOL just realised this
  2. a guy in terror wouldn't even take a 30 second walk to a food place but rather had it delivered. Talk about going outside
  3. LMAO, welllll if he didn't eat like that we couldn't put in a vid so I guesse.....
  4. Damn right. I hope we can have a clean pure tussle vs them today in the wilderness tho! But yeh...
  5. Young terror members have to deal with this daily.
  6. Terror smoked lmao, fuckers bringing mains everywhere it seems
  7. Oof, let's hope for the pure community that we can finish the job sooner
  8. gj venom, shame terror also had to use mains on you guys when they were literally matched @Dovah
  9. This was so easy LOL @Terror Military Complexwhy the fuck did you decide to kick 5 innocent members today???? It's too high up in the rank system lmao
  10. he was asking about a pk trip topic by the way since it was SATURDAY
  11. Thanks for the fight Zenith. Strong performance!
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