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  1. Could always look into Terror. They will encourage 25 def as i'm sure most clans do, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to do that. Most of these clans may be returning to 1 def accounts within the next few months.
  2. Any clan pulling above 40 most likely had multi-logged accounts. Just my opinion though.
  3. Foe is just taking a little break. They will be back in no time pulling 50 or something.
  4. Hot dang!! The Wolves devoured everything in sight!!
  5. It never seemed like it was about closing the clan during the pre-eoc days, but then again most of my experience comes from the main community. I wish clans would settle it out with a potential time cap CWRI. I do agree though that the egos of the clan leaders are moreso the problem. At least in the past, clans were not afraid of losing.
  6. The current climate of the pure scene might be contributing to the destruction of it. Think about it.. What are you really doing when your intentions of a "rivalry" is to close the other clan? What happens if all power is consolidated in one clan? Strong minded clans won't close, but suffer from some kind of slump especially for not winning the propaganda/rivalry. Weak clans would close and disperse into remaining clans. The cycle will generally repeat itself until one clan exists. I wouldn't blame the rivalry because any rivalry can essentially boost activity. However, I think the methods should change a bit. Maybe allow your rival to breath a little instead of smothering them every opportunity. Not all of the rivalries from pre-eoc era(main community) relied on starving the enemy of action. Even in cases of crash wars, it always led to uncapped fights between both rivals instead of avoidance. Nowadays, we would call this ragging/ 1-iteming until the other clan calls it quits. However, I do believe the whole idea of 1 def reset (88 maxed cmb) would be very marketable for singles pkers. This could definitely revive the pure community, but I think the ragging would have to decrease to maintain a good environment.
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