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  1. SoP Soldier

    weekend EOP saturday killing Fatality ft supremacy/foe/cp

    was a fun trip lmfao supremacy shouldnt really be talking about "the other clan brought mains"
  2. Lmfao this was a fun read
  3. SoP Soldier

    weekend [Foe] #1 F2P PK Trip ~ Alliance Dead

    had 88 people and wouldnt fight us l0l
  4. SoP Soldier

    weekend EoP's Massive ownage pwnage F2P pk trip ft. RD & TLP dying a lot

    Was fun fighting u! hoping for more of those in the future.
  5. Well CD cant. we already saw what happend there.
  6. SoP Soldier

    Stay Tuned

    The golden gods closed a long time ago.
  7. Thanks for the fight TLP! was fun!
  8. SoP Soldier

    Clan Of The Month

    vary funni
  9. SoP Soldier

    Did CP reopen?

    Whats cp? never heard of them
  10. SoP Soldier

    Dear TLP,

    Atleast sop had better history than sv l00l brown sticky stuffter clan got closed by sithlord1234
  11. SoP Soldier

    Dear TLP,

    Sv didnt leave the main scene last I checked? stay brown sticky stuffter l0l
  12. SoP Soldier

    new pals

    I want Kevo to come back