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  1. ultama

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    I guess from the time of the snippet, the runelite client was still open source whereas now it's moderated more heavily, they had to make it more secure.
  2. ultama

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    https://github.com/runelite/runelite/commit/2dd80f9b597d6f8800af59bddfd0d33ddb895e14 was where I got the code from. Old version and whatever, but need to compare it to the original source to ensure there's nothing dodgy. Is it dodgy? yes, especially considering there's no validation or anything to check URLs but the risk of BS being a rat is as equal as it is for runelite.
  3. ultama

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    @puppyslushthe same method is being ran in the original runelite client (albeit different variable names, same functionallity). You didn't include the entire segment of code either:
  4. ultama

    Legends never die

    skater pls
  5. ultama

    Things Olympus Never Knew

    inb4 @@Tannie is networking sharkbrew to make ez sb $
  6. ultama

    your brew, your pick

    @@Tannie thought Ha_0wn3d2 was a rank in fs, why would you expose him
  7. ultama

    MFW Doom Kids Say I'm Obsessed

    > Not Obsessed > Takes pictures of someone being on your forums for apparently weeks on end
  8. ultama

    juicy wuu2 jamz

    Tannie playing the long-con closing FS into EOP to get more monies
  9. Wonder how many people voting on here will also bet for their respective votes, looking forward to make some bank.
  10. ultama

    clan wars/verfied Doom vs Sup F2P Prep 2-1

    I think having a double-digit undefeated record against a clan is more impressive than trying to brag about closing a clan during the period of time where 50% of clans pulls were mains.
  11. ultama

    My thoughts go out to...

    Yeah shame your birth certificate wasn't a typo lmfao waste of resources alt accounts in 2k17
  12. ultama

    clan wars/verfied Doom vs Sup F2P Prep 2-1

    Sup has never actually beaten doom legitimately, as both sides claimed a win, So the score is either 11-1 or 10-0 to doom.