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Status Updates posted by Yaz

  1. If you are in a clan led by scims and Elve you should prob reconsider your life choices 

    1 is a self confessed child predator 

    1 is a motherless leak 

  2. Guy below me has had no mother figure in his life since the age of 2



  3. Look at all my fans

    convicts, orphans and pedos all can’t keep my name out of their disgusting mouths 


  4. Keep making disc statuses on hiders, 

    Everyone knows Z is a dogshit pedo clan 

  5. I live rent free in all pedo and motherless brains 

  6. Time for a lesson in History

    Scims (current Z leader) 

    1. Has leaked every single clan he has been in

    2. tried to sell Z staff to Rev and got denied 

    3. Tries to Simp to E-girls and got rejected 

    4. got abandoned as a child, and 1v1d his uncle 👀 

  7. They can’t keep my name out their mouth it’s crazy 

  8. If you post of a hider acc ur clans prob dead ⬇️ 

  9. If you are in Zenpiss the entire community thinks you are a clown. Least respected, most pedo, 

  10. New 1 def team coming for cwa action!

    If you know me/played with me and are chill,  pm me on discord Yaz#5078

    1. Apex init Fam

      Apex init Fam

      Joins rage, gets no action.

      makes a team hahhahaha

  11. Pedo Elve 

    Fake doctor cookies 

    perm leak Scims

    prob the worst rank team of all time 

    the only one people joining Z are fresh sand crabbers

    1. NL_Ronald


      damn now ur a victim in rage?

    2. Yaz


      Drop me a pm Yaz#5078

  12. Who remembers when Scims (aka @Meerkat) tried to Sell Staff boards to Rev but got told to fuck off LOL


  13. Kid below me (scims) leaked in 4 clans hes been in.... Tried to Sell Z staff to Rev(got rejected.. Tried to Go to BP (got kicked out)... 

    dónde está tu madre

  14. 100 dollars says zenith won’t win a cwa event for the next month 😂

    1. Adam Son

      Adam Son

      why did you decline every prep when you were in charge 😂

    2. Lord Ex

      Lord Ex

      ngl pretty cringe piping about preps now with a core you had no part in building 

  15. So the nox slump cycle continues 

  16. Classic apex sequence of events 

    gain breakaway members from diff clan > create hype for 2 weeks > nox make bad decisions and start losing rivalry > people begin to leave apex > 1 year slump > repeat 

  17. No way people on hiders are @ing me… crazy! 

  18. No way I got a shoutout in a topic title… good to see conversation flowing either way! 

  19. Many angry kids got my name in their mouth LMFAO

  20. Is the Great Reset Coming?
    (HInt: it is)

  21. Crazy clans will flex on brew but won’t fight in CWA where there’s no teaming 



      Pot kettle you nonce 

  22. Clans talk shit on the brew but won’t pull up in portal … crazy 

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