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  1. pr0digy jr

    WG Goes Macing Again - Over 200m Loot!

    i really need to make an app, i just introed
  2. pr0digy jr

    weekend MISFITS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ft. 180 Big Beezzzz

    not a single picture shows 180 people
  3. pr0digy jr

    weekend Misfits Vs IR Ft. ~ Big Return Fight

    gratz misfits miss pking with u guys in midweeks
  4. pr0digy jr

    pure clans app

    why tf you trust trade your whole bank to get into a pure clan-.-
  5. pr0digy jr

    WG Goes Macing - 90m Loot

    can you link me your website might apply!
  6. looking for main clan to join to do some pvp/pvm any suggestions?
  7. pr0digy jr

    Weekend predictions

    fi gonna pull alot
  8. pr0digy jr


    horizon reopen rd ty bye
  9. christmas can only come early if Ham speaks on mic
  10. pr0digy jr

    weekend 90 MISFITS IN THE WILD | 30 war IN CLAN WARS

    idk why yall are rivaling war tf they new to the scene
  11. eop about to call everyt main team they can for sunday
  12. pr0digy jr

    In case you missed it

    gratz misfits but why are you rivaling a new clan like war? what bout fi