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  1. banter
    the contrary

    he probably thinks foe went around droping capes:/
  2. What is your honnest opinion.

    i can see it being a threat to dull and if you get scammed your a fucking retard l0l
  3. FOE vs APEX - Prep/Fullout

    why would you have a 100v100 on a weekday wouldnt it make sense to have it on the weekend when most people dont have school/work? i think you guys should have it saturday or sunday or setup when its a longweekend
  4. Looking For A Clan

    if your looking for new clans go with siege or vendetta
  5. Let us all LoL at Envy

    love your enthusiasm
  6. 3 daily reminders

    isnt envy closed?
  7. weekend [S]iege dominates

  8. gratz to my vendetta boys
  9. both clans are using mains tho thats what i dont get
  10. weekend [S]iege dominates

    gj but i thought siege and fi were gucci?
  11. pure account Nox kicked me from Apex

    go check out siege or vendetta
  12. we just need to grow as a community and not be so cancerous towards each other. like IR brings in soo many people into clanning cause they recruit kids everyday
  13. Serious question

    what are you smoking chalu reopened it 2017 and then endurance in 2016