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  1. ket is dc? he always wears a black hat seen him a lot with dc kids? waiting for cd to send ace a pizza lol
  2. pr0digy jr

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    yo zeke ur ugly wheres your brother at
  3. pr0digy jr

    Netflix Original Trailer: Ace Krave the Documentary

    that shit was actually funny
  4. pkeru you need to find a girlfriend or find some friends
  5. pr0digy jr

    weekend Fearless P2p Sunday taking on lpc scene

    gz exrtzs
  6. pr0digy jr

    weekend Saturday trip

  7. pr0digy jr

    Looking for XLPC clan

    holy shit craftz
  8. pr0digy jr

    midweek Fearless takes on DC late night pkri

    gratz dawgs
  9. pr0digy jr

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    gl guys
  10. pr0digy jr

    Not So Happy Ending

    rage v1 closed loser
  11. pr0digy jr

    Not So Happy Ending

    olympus closed loser