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  1. You do realize you won 10k while rot's won like 50k+ from these cauliflower tournaments right. u both lost lmao who cares
  2. linked an old topic about 2 dead clans teaming? rage ded invictus ded get over it lmao 7-1
  3. no cape counter= automatic propaganda lol
  4. Voted zeke cause he snaked CD by posting "leaderboards" pretty fucked up over pixels Love daddy muslim don tho he made imperial gr8 again + killed rage hittin a G 2
  5. when the pure community is so dead and boring UB has to resort to trying to make up a rivalry vs critical damage lmfao
  6. i like daddy muslim don he good guy black zeke is mean tho
  7. This is funny lol but if slush did forge logs das a lot of work aka prob real aka wowzers
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