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  1. o i thought they just turned a blind eye hmm
  2. this lol fagex 0 care sb team tried hard and turned their head other way
  3. bro ur still alive? remember me haha damn must at least be like 3 yrs since we last spoke damn u were talking to me bout training spots or something
  4. im not mad im mad he stole my content lmao
  5. ? open less than 8 months still pulling 70-90 consistently lmao
  6. still pulling 70-80+ w/o mains lol wuu2 i closed cd 20 times
  7. yet we still pull 70/80+ lol ppl always move around I hope ur not this new we got ppl joining and leaving its common in every clan .... also all of them were ex-ub that joined i chose not to
  8. the real joke is u closed 20 times in every possible pvp scene l000l main,xlpc,lpc,mpc,hpc keep it up buddy no wonder ur greatest ever rank tbr jumped ship
  9. l00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l for the 20th time? i've lost count just like spurs getting banged this season
  10. im 13-0 vs cd in clan wars l0l come anytime kiddo
  11. cd trying their hardest yet 0 effect l0l ur rag team didnt kill shit whole trip
  12. lol i posted that in every disc why u getting happy l000l real niggas die first also dont matter when i can return in .1 .....
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