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    cringe from foe lol
  2. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Came out this fine Thursday evening seeking another huge win in the CWA portal against a tough test. FI gave us tough rounds but ultimately we came out with the 3-0. Thanks for the prep guys. Latino Bryan
  3. good cleared on zenith lads, they called apex to team on you guys btw.. we got the logs
  4. prep us matched opts lmfao all the clans you've been in have been closed by CP.
  5. zenith farming wins from clans that closed (lol) & hostality remake v5 lmfao
  6. mans hiding at lvl 8 fog l0l with 30 lvl 70's
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Rage approached us for a P2P Prep last weekend and we happily accepted. Came out today with ~40 and got the 2-1. Fun and really competitive prep, ty Rage for the action. Killa x Stoned Killa Goose Yak Wolf KFC
  8. when is zenith gonna have the balls to fight LY in clan wars?? all they do is fight our revtards with 20+ opts on them LOOL .. z leadership has literally 0 confidence :D

  9. when do you yall think zenith will have the balls to fight LY in clan wars? they won't even mini us lmfaoo.. thats how little confidence they got :D  

  10. LOOOL a rev topic on a sunday nice one scims u socially awkward reject lmfao
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