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  1. once upon a time....

    no one asked

    the end.

  2. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord The Spartans set off with 70 later peaking at 78 for todays P2P bloodshed. After battering CD just 1 day ago in F2P making their ranks quit mid trip etc they were nowhere to be seen in todays P2P butchery, We had clean fights vs Sup, Foe, OR, Rs, Rage etc also consisted of loads of clusters and crashing as anticipated for a P2P trip so thanks everyone for the fights. @`JD @Brandon
  3. 90 spartans today gl cd lmao u still alive? 

  4. 90 spartans today (sunday) will cd come out at all? l0l
  5. u werent down 10 btw there was a 60s snipeteam in ly capes it was matched plus had mains in sup capes rag us aswell anyways gf our returns sucked
  6. l000000000l cd im back from 2 week vacation gl lmao will be like this all year baby
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the merciless Spartans left with 75 later peaking at 78 for a bewildering trip. With CD only managing to pull 35 we made sure they got zero action not even a chink as we manifested all their fights reducing them to less than 10 opts in game multiple times. While we were putting CD to bay we were capitalising on other fights at the same time moving in a fast paced manner hitting other fights aswell at the same time as we got loads of action spreading from Al kharid to Zeah. @`JD @DirtyKoJr
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