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  1. "Current" state? BV have never been known for being quality, they were a joke pre-eoc only known because they were the running joke of the community.
  2. Tell me more about how you walk the streets with your pouch and 110s then go home and watch anime. Anime report.
  3. No 5 Star Goon was American Jack who is now "Jeyes". DJ Jack was the British one.
  4. RD is hands down most active, they are a clan wars clan. Strongest has to be TLP, not only do they have the best team (Panda) in them they also have some other good people like Ecstasy
  5. I know you have to stay loyal to your team but how can anyone dispute that Panda isn't the better team. Blackwater have never beat Panda, have went as far as ddosing to try beat Panda and attempted to claim a false win agains Panda when they fought eop? Blackwater members were playing from summer of last year at least - most of panda have only got active and playing again around the time of the jcup. No clan or team are yet to beat Panda, they are the only mini team who actively look for minis (see SharkBrew IRC). Stay easy RD BW and any other cunt who thinks they're better than decent 😂😂
  6. Lmao you wish you could beat TLPs unit, quite possibly the most mentally underdeveloped clan I've seen.
  7. Looked easier than sniping @@17_ in a P2P prep with a gmaul.
  8. Good to see you're watching videos that will help with your career path, following in your father's footsteps.
  9. It's a shame the Zerk clans are so brown sticky stuff on OSRS.
  10. Looks like @Nick/Unrealio/iR2d2/Tim_ is now presenting "The Hunger Games: Mockingjeyes Part 2"

    1. Persian Tom

      Persian Tom

      Mockingjeyes actually lol'd irl

    2. Ash
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