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Control Pker

Vengeance Real Scared of Pandemic :)

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When you tell them to fight past 30 wildy because they teleport to corp once they get piled, l00l. 



According to our sources, vengeance was out twice in which they got cleared by PD, and then Found out the next time they went out that we were out with tones of people that they couldnt handle. 


Btw @, 99.9% of the clans around here buddy know all you do is sit at corp/easts fighting pures whats your verdict on that? Give me a Good Reason why you were out helping bv clear dv when they were outopted by 25 in f2p and not fight Pandemic in p2p? 


Nice Clan. l0l 


We are open to fights 30+ wildy anytime, you know we are out some come get it pussy ass clan, oh btw we getting ready to prep your ass so expect it. 


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