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  1. If you want an active pure community stop trying to be so toxic and ruining it for everyone else.  If you don't care then don't pure clan.

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    2. Jernt



    3. Here Pile

      Here Pile

      Purge is most active clan tbh

    4. Martin Tyler
  2. hey potato masher boys which clans still suck
  3. this forum is still anus

  4. @@slushpuppy this is how u get free sharkbrew monies
  5. they'll probably try do the pure cup in tourney world and force ppl locked 1 defence or something
  6. imagine doing a meetup with @ he'd prob try bring a bomb
  7. Buying 'myTeamspeak' login for leaks 10m / trip inbox me

  8. how were these conclusions made for these awards other than multiple accounts with 2 posts quoting what someone else said (aka spamming votes) Most potential for 2017 should've been supremacy and most successful 2016 foe, my opinion.
  9. You say if a pure doesn't wanna get hit by main then join an lpc, what about people like me who only ever played for p2p, lpc was 65 cb cap (lol and f2p only), mpc and hpc have mains / high def accs. If the rsps scene can manage to stay 1 def then it would simply be more enjoyable for those who prefer actually PURE clanning?
  10. at least do it safely using sandboxie; https://www.sandboxie.com/ for the paranoid ppl https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandboxie look into the software before using
  11. Expected a bunch of grinches to be toxic but it's all merry on the brew :o

    1. Here Pile

      Here Pile

      i went out breaking into houses last night stealing those presents

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