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  1. do same in f2p without mains and you could easily be #1
  2. Not sure why eop needs main to compete
  3. Good fight Supremacy. Came back with defending round
  4. I don't know man, seeing black d hide mains in red capes and 1 item crystal bow kinda puts me off.
  5. Striketeam massed 20 warriors for a p2p prep with Prestige Sadly Prestige only had 14 so we had a big mini instead. Won all rounds. Good fight Prestige START - 14 ST vs 14 PR END - 12 ST vs 0 PR START - 14 ST vs 14 PR END - 9 ST vs 0 PR START- 14 ST vs 14 PR END - 10 ST vs 0 PR Initiate freakz
  6. Brigada asked us for a p2p pkri We gadly accepted and gathered 14 lions ready for action Had some long return fights Thank you for action Brigada VAAK POV Initiate POV Freakz POV
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