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  1. ST Ants

    Changing Scene

    I really miss f2p sundays.
  2. These long fights with SF are always awsome.
  3. Was decent trip bros. Ty for fights.
  4. Nice pull boys. Sad that we couldnt get any clean fights with you. These 30 sec fights are boring.
  5. ST Ants

    pure/weekend StrikeTeam P2P Trip Ft BP/SF/AAO/Cluster

    Was decent trip.
  6. Was nice opening trip for you this year. I hope we get same opts next weekend.
  7. ST Ants

    pure/weekend ST P2P - FIRST TRIP OF THE YEAR

    Ty for crashfree fights Outlaws.
  8. Was very nice and even fight. Btw, gz on getting rid of ur leak.
  9. Seems like we pull same numbers. Ask ST for action sometimes.
  10. ST Ants

    pure/weekend/verified StrikeTeam P2P Sunday

    Olime tublid! Thnx SF for action.
  11. LIITUGE MEIEGA! http://st-rs.org/foorum/
  12. Ty for prep, hope u all had fun
  13. F U man OP is nice clan. BVG is god,
  14. Keep on galloping my black hors.e carrying me to unknown shores