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  1. But we already know who will be the winneur
  2. Hello, I decided to update and write something ( will be more soon) about StrikeTeam.
  3. The average life span of Frogs is 12 years. Youre way overdue
  4. Good luck with the clab and players. Btw sick clan theme.
  5. Can you please stop saying your clan is #1, without proper arguments. Yelling in every topic that your clan is #1 makes you lame. Chill the fuck out, it is just a game. Other than that. Ty everyone for action was fun, cya guys soon.
  6. Hey, no harm intended, but Sharkbrew is not the place to fight, if you wanna settle your things do it in game, IV ty 4 action.
  7. Today we had a prep with Invictus. Thank you guys for offering us a prep and respect for preping MPC. Image[http://www.upload.ee/image/5447951/estonian_pure_clan.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts ATTACK ROUND: ST STARTING: 28 - ST ENDING : 24 INV STARTING: 28 - INV ENDING : 0 DEF ROUND: ST STARTING: 30 - ST ENDING: 20 INV STARTING: 30 - INV ENDING: 0 PRKI ROUND: ST STARTING: 31 - ST ENDING 24 INV STARTING: 31 - INV ENDING 0 First to 50: Karli POV Typhome POV Image[http://www.upload.ee/image/5447960/aaa.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts
  8. Nothing to do when this is the only time we can go out:) Didnt directly blame mains, just said that its sad and annoying when getting attacked by mains Overall was fun night and ty 4 fights
  9. Ty 4 action. Sad tho that mains ruin the fights in enemy team capes, kinda annoying to fight when getting camped by 5 main rangers lol.
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