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  1. This wont do Jack sht, maybe you should try charging them 300m ...oh wait
  2. lmao who tf you calling ugly, have you seen your own nasty illegal Mexican looking ass and that dat inbred looking hoe u tapped that looks like your cousin
  3. Shtty olympiss remake clan lmfao think they're xlpc with all those 80s
  4. Exactly lol, 'If you don't prep them we will penalise you" like most clans give a sht about sharkbrew points lmfao
  5. LOL, how you giving out warnings when you're on the defensive, it's so fucking obvious to everyone on this forum SV got you shook so hard you ended up doxig yourself on your own forums LMFAO. Stop acting tougbh ike you're on equal grounds with SV
  6. Was this supposed to be funny?
  7. brown sticky stuffty olympiss remake clan, never forget who did this to you
  8. not surprised, your topics generate about half the traffic on his site tbh
  9. you misspelled doom* lmfao was ez btw
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